Thursday, October 25, 2012

Malawi Sex Scandal. Miss Matofotofo- Pants down and doggie style sex.

Nyasa Times reports

Sex-scandal: Miss Matofotofo caught pants down

Newly crowned Miss True African Beauty  for Lilongwe (formely  Miss Matofotofo), Florence Banda, has shamed the pageant with her scandalous affair after being caught pants down having amazing sex with a married man, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Amazing sex ! Well I guess it is better than being caught having unamazing sex or worse masturbating.

Banda has been having a secret affair with a married man Joel Phiri who are both employees of Mota Engil. Banda works secretary to the Board Director for Africa .

The two were caught by the wife of the husband at the Miss Matofoto’s house in Area 18 on Sunday afternoon.

Her neighbours are said to have reported to Phiri’s wife, who also reside in the same location, about the secret love affair.

Whoops. Area 18 looks to be a reasonable size, but  perhaps a bit more discretion was needed.

On Sunday the man packed ( Parked ) his car at the Biggie’s queen  house and went in to have “a quickie”.

I am all for quickies but do they qualify  as amazing sex ?

Apparently the neighbours alerted the wife who came and found them in the act.  The wife also did a paparazzi by capturing them on camera “having it on”.


“They were caught having doggie style sex. They are a laughing stock of the neighbourhood,” a resident of Area 18 told Nyasa Times.

Why ? 

The organiser of the event this year, who also was the first to be crowned Miss Matofoto, the name sake of the scandalous reigning queen, said she risks being stripped of her title.

Stripped seems an appropriate description .

Florence Banda, the organiser who is married lady and works for Zodiak Broadcasting Services, said the incident has left her “devastated”.

She said the pageant’s disciplinary committee would quiz the Miss Matofotofo and give her “the right to be heard” but said an appropriate action will have to be taken such as to relieve of her crown and possibly made her to return prizes.

“We will go by the rules,” said the organiser, stressing that she will not let the pageant be put into disrepute.

OK so we now have two Florence Banda's but it is hard to know what rule has been broken the nature of this competition is to highlight real women with normal bodies of any age. They aren't expected to be 18 year old virgins. Contestant Banda is 34 with a couple of kids.

She conceded that the pageant has been left with a public relations dilemma over the scandal.

The cheating husband denied the story: “I was not caught having sex. This is an attempt to tarnish my image and that of my family. This lady is a workmate so I went to her house to borrow a phone charger, that’s the truth. I did not have sex with her.”

Shades of Bill Clinton but more imaginative.

In an exclusive interview posted on Nyasa Times after being crowned, Banda, 34 said she was single “but I have two children.”

So in fact she has done nothing maritally wrong. Well other than bending over to retrieve a cell phone charger.

Miss True African Queen (Matofotofo)  is a contest for women who wear size 40 and above, with no restrictions on age, height and marital status. Matofotofo means big and fluffy in the Ndebele language.

The founders of the pageant say their idea is to reclaim the true meaning of beauty from an African perspective.

The cheating husband clearly claimed some African booty  beauty.

Zodiak Malawi reports

A cream of 15 big and fluffy local beauties from the Central region has been selected to battle it out in a contest for the regional True African Queen Matofotofo October 28.

Clearly last years scandal hasn't prevented the events viability.
The 15 emerged cream from a troop of over 40 big, fluffy, African ladies in different heights and breaths who thronged the Capital Hotel Saturday on Saturday October 15.
“These were all high quality women of different backgrounds. True African women proud of how they were created, their looks and sizes.

Wish I had been there. Missed a potential quickie. Or amazing sex, guess it depends on the perspective.
“Some of those that have been picked have masters degrees and other high educational qualifications,” says organizer of the regional pageant Mrs. Florence Banda.

At the central region competition October 28, Mrs. Banda, who is the reigning Miss. Matofotofo Lilongwe is going to hand over the mantle to the winner of the pageant.

Looks like having your pants down and having amazing sex is quite OK  so a sensible decision was made.
“We are inviting as many people as possible to come. This is going to be different from all previous competitions.
“We have added flavor to the event. We are making it more Malawian now that we are organizing it locally,” says Mrs. Banda.

More Malawian ? Sounds interesting.
The event will be held at Sunbird capital where entrants are expected to part with K2,000.00 at the door, however, buying tickets in advance saves you a K500.

About $7.00 NZ
Access to tickets can be had at Sunbird Capital Hotel, Platinum Aura saloon, Area 18 BP Filling Station, Bwandiro Filling Station and Maula BP Filling Station.
Novel idea marketing it through petrol stations. Sounds like a great weekend in Malawi.


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