Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kinshasa Magic

RFI reports

DRC: Kinshasa shared between the Francophonie and Francofolie

Like other arteries of Kinshasa, the Lumumba Boulevard has been meticulously cleaned.

AFP Photo / Junior D.Kannah
By Habibou Bangré
If the inhabitants of Kinshasa expect a lot of Francophonie Summit which takes place from October 12 to 14, others doubt its possible benefits or denounce the hassle imposed by the preparatory work.

Kinshasa, capital of the French language. From October 12 to 14, it will host the summit of the Francophonie. This is a rematch of history: in 1991, the event was relocated to Paris to punish violations of human rights of the dictator Mobutu. Rights which, 21 years later, remain essential. Before confirming his arrival at the summit, French President François Hollande said that "the DRC authorities must demonstrate their genuine desire to promote democracy and the rule of law."

Prestige, 20, hopes that the summit devoted to "environmental and economic challenges facing the global governance" will not forget the North Kivu province of the East where the army has been fighting in May March 23 Movement ( M23), the new rebellion. "If they could all talk and find a solution ... There are sisters who die there," laments the student tourism. Anyway, Martin believes that "the summit, it gives a boost to the Congo."

"Everything is accelerated because qu'Hollande"

"This is a plus in politics, in daily Congo, adds the taxi driver forties. The Congo needs outside expertise to develop the country and awaken those who slept. We see the work: everything is accelerated because François Hollande comes. It is good that comes to the Congolese government operates, and can go very far. " Agnes, for his part, said laughing madly as the Francophonie "how they're managing it" pleases him "not much."

The Minister for La Francophonie Yamina Benguigui in Kinshasa on 28 July.

"It is to our advantage. We have good roads, beautiful paintings on the walls, the precise events responsible for 31 years. But they require the population to paint at his own expense. It does not make sense: it goes from the Francophonie Francofolie! They have funds for the summit, then they should spend to paint the facades of people who live along the road. If I lived nearby, really, they were coming to arrest me because I was not going to repaint! '

Especially in Gombe, Kinshasa in the north, an army of sweepers is deployed and an excavator picks up heaps of garbage near the Martyrs Stadium, which is hosting the villages of La Francophonie. Also, garbage, usually rare, have been installed on several fronts, including the Boulevard Thirty-June, the main artery. A small white logo on these receptacles green apple explains how the employment as a booster shot the television commercial awareness Congolese not to throw their rubbish on the floor.

"It's a good thing if [after the summit] we continue to keep the city clean and also give a good impression," said Olivier, a computer 33 years. But Agnes warns: "It just depends on the willingness of individuals that we manage. They showed us that they were able to fix the city, but they did not! They should work like this every day, but they do it just for François Hollande. And when he goes out, she predicts, it will revive again in the brothel ... ".


The "rail market," located near a railroad track, approaching the summit of la Francophonie is painful. As part of "Operation Kinshasa own," and for reasons of "security", this market has been deemed illegal, like many others, shaved. And since the police regularly ensures that traders do not return. But some persist and are ready to flee at the slightest patrol. "It does not work. Our work is only here! , "Protested Paul.

This walking cakes 32 years had to convert to the sale of phone cards, which he keeps carefully in his jeans. "I do not want to sell here on the ground: it hurts me, it makes me ashamed! "He grumbles. "The summit, he continues, is a first for us and it's good for our country, but it is not said that we must hunt and that all capital must be uncomfortable for la Francophonie! If we hunt, we will be sad. So how can we be happy to welcome them? '

Translated from French by Google. I won't comment other than to say it would appear opinion is very divided.

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