Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's called fishing not catching

Compensation could persuade Sanford to leave Ross Sea

Sanford, the same company that developed the NZD 50 million (USD 40.7 million) toothfish fishery in the Ross Sea 14 years ago, announced that it would consider withdrawing from it provided sufficient compensation is granted.

That is hilarious they want the New Zealand taxpayer to pay them not to fish.  What I assume they mean by developing a fishery is contributing to the scientific research to determine the sustainable catch levels. Throwing a trawl net over the back of the trawler when the fish finder tells you you are over a school of fish is not developing a fishery.

The firm revealed its decision on TV3’s Firstline as 25 countries met in Hobart to discuss the protection of the pristine Ross Sea in Antarctica.

Sanford said it helps monitor the Ross Sea for illegal fishing.

“Our boats have up to 200-mi radar coverage of the areas where it's operating and we're able to report on activities of other vessels,” said Sanford managing director Eric Barratt, 3 News reports.

Yeah that is the equivalent of calling the police when you find someone is burgling you house.

Now, Sanford said it would be willing to leave the Ross Sea -- for a price.

“We developed the fishery,” Barratt stated. “We've put a lot of money, a lot of effort and a lot of development into it and if somebody wants to come along and buy us out of the fishery, then they should approach us and do so.”

What a load of shit. Sealord are exploiting at a cost a resourse that belongs to the people of New Zealand. It pays a license to do so and contributes to research on the fishery.

He said that it would cost “a large sum, a very large sum” for the company’s ships to leave the area.
No it would not it would not. It would require the Ministry of Primary Industries to revoke Sealoards licence.

While green groups responded positively, they believe Sanford should withdraw from the Ross Sea -- without any compensation.
If the toothfish is being harvested in a sustainable way why on earth would New Zealand want Sealord to not catch them. The Greens are truly bat shit crazy. This of course is the crux of the story, some bat shit crazy Greens want to stop commercial fishing that earns New Zealand around two billion dollars a year.

“That's what we think is a bit cheeky,” said Karli Thomas of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance (AOA). “The fishing industry doesn't, and never will, own the Ross Sea, so it's not the responsibility of New Zealanders or the citizens of the world to buy it back off the fishing industry.”
Correct but the Ross sea is in out territory and if we wish to exploit it then we should be free to do so as long as we do so sustainably.

Earlier this year, the AOA’s 'Ross Sea' report called for 3.6 million sqkm in this region to be fully protected. The AOA is calling on members of the 

Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to take advantage of this opportunity to establish unprecedented marine protection in the Southern Ocean.

As far as I am concerned the AOA can fuck off.

'The Last Ocean' filmmaker Peter Young said this announcement has opened the door for New Zealand to push for full protection of the region.

“There's far more value in the Ross Sea as an intact marine ecosystem than just another fishing ground,” he added.

This week, New Zealand tabled a proposal, which Sanford supports, at an international meeting in Hobart that would protect a determined area. However, this proposal excludes an unprotected area where fishing for toothfish would still be allowed.

The reality is that Australia and New Zealand call the shots on this and we will look after our interests and that means a viable sustainable fishery going forward. We are the best at the world at sustainable fishing.

The US tabled another proposal that provides more protection in the Southern Ocean, and which Sanford opposes.

Still, the AOA claims that both proposals are too weak, and at this late stage it is unlikely that all 25 countries will reach consensus.

“It’s vital that New Zealand comes to this negotiation with an open mind. Even the current United States proposal provides fishing opportunities for New Zealand and other fishing nations in the south of the Ross Sea region,” said Campbell. “A hard-line stance aimed at protecting New Zealand’s fishing interests at all costs will likely bring a failure of Ross Sea protection at this meeting.”

Well no. After the New Zealand Navy has sunk a few illegal fishing boats  the message will get out. In case the world failed to notice our navy has been reconfigured to give it this capability.

The Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) HMNZS OTAGO and WELLINGTON deliver substantial new capability to the Royal New Zealand Navy. The ships can go further offshore, stay at sea longer, and conduct more challenging operations than the Inshore Patrol Vessels, and will enable the RNZN to conduct patrol and surveillance operations around New Zealand, the southern ocean and into the Pacific.

The OPV’s are capable of many roles including maritime patrol, surveillance and response. They have the ability to conduct helicopter operations using a Seasprite SH2G helicopter, boarding operations using the ships Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, or Military Support Operations with embarked forces.

The OPV’s have strengthened hulls which enable them to enter southern waters where ice may be encountered. They are not designed as ice-breakers or to enter Antarctic ice-packs, but have the range and capability to undertake patrols in the southern ocean where ice may be encountered.

The ships are highly automated and operate with a core crew of 35, plus 10 flight crew to operate a helicopter. The ships power and control systems are fully computerised.

New Zealand will act in our interests and the interests of Australia. We will not be dictated to by a bunch of hollier than thou Greens.


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