Sunday, November 27, 2011

Have Trevor / Clare figured out photo shop ?

I got an interesting email this morning ( at work ) and if it is part of the left wing approach to winning government then we are  forever the party of opposition. That said please enjoy above is my favourite

It got more  amusing with this and wow this is bloody hilarious

Yup. But why release it on a Monday after an election rather than a Friday before ?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Even though we lost... You actually lost

I see a bit of angst on the left wing blogs today and more than a little smugness on some of the right wing blogs but JFK might have some words for them to consider.

" even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth "

We actually won last night. I had a chat to a senior National Party official person on Friday and he said to me that the referendum was seen as a distraction, something he clearly didn't agree with. I have no idea why National views it as a distraction, a distraction to getting an absolute power for one more term ? A distraction to the really important job of selling of state assets ?

Labour, Greens, Unions  and the left in general didn't see it as a distraction rather we saw it for exactly what it was vital to our electoral future the results so far that I have seen effectively have confirmed MMP and that left wing voters voted strategically to put the hated FPP into second place and ensuring that if a run off  came to pass MMP would win. Cameron Slater clearly understands this.

"The Biggest Loser: Steven Joyce & National
So focused on protecting his own power Joyce refused to let John Key give the David Cameron speech to get rid of MMP.
As I have been predicting for a long time, National will not have viable coalition partners in 2014. Joyce’s short term focus on protecting his own power means the political environment became much, much tougher for National long term. You can see the proof of this in the gloating posts from left wing sites who know that the real battle was won in the referendum"

I am not sure I would describe the left wing blogs I read as gloating but I assume he is talking about the Standard and I don't read those idiots, in fact there is a unhealthy parlour of gloom on some of the blogs I read. Some of the comments on right wing blogs have been hilarious from Dexter on kiwiblog

Dexter (110) Says:

The real losers are the left voters who tactically voted NZF…
They were the difference this time round between NZF sinking into oblivion where it belongs and being resurrected.
Now they have elected people like Richard Prosser, who wants a a separate South Island parliament and to abolish clean air laws and kyoto, and Andrew Williams who amongst other things wants to repeal the anti smacking law.

This guy hasn't thought things through I am a tactical voter who voted for Peters and it damn near worked but we haven't lost a thing through Peters being in parliament. Peters is a John Key self inflicted wound I commented at Kiwipolitico on the 16/11/11

"Labour have pissed me off to the point they will not get my vote, Mana isn’t an option so do I destroy my ballot in a plague on all your houses option or vote for NZ First as an even greater plague on all your houses option in the hope he can reach the 5%. Looking to Winston to stop asset sales I admit is desperation stuff."

I made the correct call  gamble it nearly came off . Winston is back with his circus and it isn't the left he will focus on, it is National.  I note the insane Redbaiter at the same post on Kiwiblog has this to say

Redbaiter (5) Says:

ACT got 22,000 votes. The Maori Party got 27,000.
Colin Craig got over 50,000 votes, making the Conservatives NZ’s fifth largest party.
This is after being ignored by the Progressive mainstream media and if mentioned at all, only in a dismissive or derogatory way.
The Conservative Party is coming after the treacherous left wing Nats, and will (one day) replace them as NZ’s main right of center party.
The fad of progressive politics (that Farrar, Key etc subscribe to) will soon have run its course.

It is comedy gold on one hand and yet if he is talking about party votes he might have a valid point but I can't be bothered checking. Dump the electorate seat  bullshit and the 5%  minimum rort and he might well be right. The Muldoonists might be entitled to a seat.

Like the Whale I am not afraid of giving the left  ( my side ) shit as well as the right and the very sane sensible Chris Trotter at the Bowalley Road blog deserves a wake up call.

"LAST NIGHT I dreamed of Oamaru. I was born there 55 years ago in the big public hospital which overlooked the little seaside town. In those days, public hospitals were almost always built on hilltops. Set there by the State, they quite literally “watched over” the citizenry they were erected to serve. It was reassuring."

The world changes Chris and you far more than me change the world, if you were 75 I would forgive you that blog at 55 you can get stuffed. We can build the new New Zealand Chris, hell we tried it once before and I walked away remember the Alliance,  remember  the TINA theory, from memory in a Moray Place political meeting and some earnest bearded  advocate being laughed down as he tried to justify asset sales.

You are a baby boomer generation but you think generation X for the most part. Get that Gen X brain working and let's get Grant Robertson  to be our next PM.

The rise of Robertson from the fall of Labour

Danyl at the Dim-Post asks a good question

"What does it say that Carmel Sepuloni came within ~300 votes of defeating Paula Bennett, one of the government’s highest profile Ministers, but wasn’t rated highly enough to get back in on the list because it was more important to get Darien Fenton and Rajen Prasad back into Parliament?"

I can only agree interestingly, my comments at Red Alert are in moderation even though Clare Curran knows I am centre left. That is fear, they are scared that I will say extending Working for Families is an idiotic policy, that taking the GST off  Fruit and vegetables is pointless window dressing. Trevor Mallard makes the following statement.

"We have lost some incredibly talented MPs. Some will be back. And our caucus has some brilliant new additions."

Who Trevor ? Andrew Little? the man who chose to protect the incompetent useless dead wood in your caucus at the expense of real talent. Little failed to win his seat and I don't see him as a potential Labour Leader until he wins one.

The talented Clare Curren had a bloody awful result in Dunedin South. Ele Ludmann at Homepaddock blogs.

 "In Dunedin South National did even better, with a party vote of 13,190 compared with Labour’s 11,429. National’s candidate Joanne Hayes with 11,892 votes nearly halved Labour MP Clare Curran’s majority.
Three years ago when she was a new candidate Curran gained 6,449 votes and had a majority of 6,449, this time she dropped to 15,759 and a majority of 3,867 in what is one of the reddest electorates in the country."

That is a bloody awful result Dunedin South is an electorate I lived in for many years. Hell you could pin a red  rosette on John Minto and he would struggle to lose it. For fucks sake Dunedin voted National  if you look at party vote. I now at least know why Phil Goff spent so much time in Dunedin it mystified me during the campaign but what the hell is happening on the ground down there is beyond me, Goff should have had Dunedin in the bank months ago instead it would appear Woodhouse and Hayes quietly deposited it into John Keys account. A while back I blogged about Curren and Grant Robertson and predicted they would go along way possibly even the top. Curren needs to do a lot better to make that happen.

Phil Goff is finished and in many ways that saddens me, he is my MP and best one I have ever had. A few years a refugee my sister was working with was billed for what I can only describe as a huge cock up by the district health board  they ignored my sister so I rang Goff's office and the situation was resolved in 24 hours. If he wants to stay on as MP for Mt. Roskill he has my electorate vote for life. It occurs to me though that Stuart Nash would be a good fit for the electorate should Goff stand down.

Back to Grant Robertson. David Farrar blogged  on Friday at Kiwiblog  about Mike Smith endorsing Robertson for the Labour leadership.

"Mike Smith is the former General Secretary of the Labour Party. He has just blogged:
Grant Robertson – good electorate MP, got a strategic brain, good communicator. It’s time for a new generation leading Labour in my view.
That is significant for such a senior former official to say Goff should go on the eve of the election.
I think Grant will be Labour Leader and Prime Minister one day. If I was Grant though I would not stand next Tuesday, but instead wait until after the 2014 election."

I disagree I think Grant's time is now, PM John Key's three year honeymoon with the media is over, ACT is dead and Dunn will lose next time round if asset sales go ahead. Labour have a very good chance at forming the next government Keeping Stock is hearing stuff I am not.

"The rumours are circulating this morning of two Camp Davids; David Cunliffe, with Liane Dalziel as deputy, and David Parker, with Robertson as his right-hand man. The third David, David Shearer has been quiet so far, but don't forget that it was Phil Goff who shoe-horned Shearer into the vacant Mt Albert seat in 2009, and Shearer represents a much more centrist group in the Labour caucus."

My thinking would be Robertson with Parker as deputy, incidental I have no doubt Robertson would have to waste time in Dunedin shoring up support he is product of Dunedin.

I took a gamble this election by giving my party vote to Peter's it very nearly came off, the best result the left could hope for was a minority John Key government and no asset sales. We came very close to getting that but John Banks and Peter Dunn winning prevented it happening.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Congratulations Keeping Stock

IV2 is a good guy. I think we could sit down and have a beer and agree on just about  most things,  he is centre right and I am centre left. It is the center part that we both share. Today he  passed a milestone that I would have to say I dream about passing.

" It's a big day for Keeping Stock; we've just in the last few moments welcomed our 500,000th visitor to the blog. So please forgive this vanity post! "

Hey well done Keeping Stock and I am not surprised.  You write an excellent blog  and allow for alternative opinions in the comments. You are a bloody legend mate.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Where do ( I ) We go from here ? Oh, and I stuffed that up.

It is no secret that while I am a centre left blogger I have very little time for Labour at the moment. I actually am not a fan of the Greens but I have become so disillusioned with Labour that I was seriously thinking about giving them my party vote this time round. Last night I confidently and  in retrospect stupidly made this statement on kiwiblog

I very much doubt it would be the youth wing of either Labour or the Greens, the Greens are probably competent enough to organise it something I doubt could be said about their counterparts in Labour. I suspect unions as in those that have actual workers as members would also shy away from this. It is against the law.
It has been well planned and executed ( bar the Whale slip up ) and that tends to make me think students’ associations. Most student associations have weekly papers and the printers are minnows and they are hungry for any work they can get so don’t expect any printer to stick their hand up. Also student association accounts are not held up to what I would describe as rigorous scrutiny could I have got away with it when I worked for Critic ( OUSA publication ) probably, bar one of my co-workers ( we shared the sales job ) being a Young Nat.
” No one else would have the contact and resources to do this.”
Lack of resources DPF ? If I couldn’t pull this off for under a $1000 ( and I suspect I could do it for $500 plus postage ) OK I am in the industry and know where to go but it is just working a phone to figure that out.
My thoughts, well yes despite being one of the left leaning commentators on Kiwiblog, it is not negotiable break the law and if you do well be honest and do it like a Whale. What ever we think of Cameron’s politics nobody can question his integrety they could have learned a lot from Cameron’s honesty.
My Challenge to the sticker people tell us who you are ?

Well got that wrong. It was members of the Greens and they fucked up big time. I will not be voting Green. Had  Russel Norman dimissed his executive assitant on the spot given her partner was behind this I might have been more charitable but as Farrar at Kiwiblog points out.

" I have worked for four parliamentary leaders. If my partner who is a party member did something like that, and I knew about it for two months and didn’t tell anyone in my office, I would absolutely expect to leave the office the day it came out, and not return. "

Farrar is spot on. The Whale has been on top of this from  day one. You know hating Whale for his total blunt smack  you verbally and factually in the head style is not smart. A big well done to Cameron  and his site oh and I have never met Cameron ( I did wave at him once as he passed me on Prince Regent Drive on a bike but he didn't see me )

So where do we ( I ) go from here well I have no where to go. I hate you all,. I think I will probably destroy my ballot, It is a vote of no confidence. It is a valid vote.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Mind The Weather

OK I am not a professional farmer but  I am involved in agriculture in a small way despite my central Auckland location. What a disaster this has been for  the grape growers of  Otago. We had a great year last year and produced some mighty fine wine. Hell I went to Dad's place just after Easter and was given the worst job  " net  management " and then  after I had sorted that "grape management". Dealing with the grapes as they came in from the pickers and packing them into Dad's truck.

My Brother in law who is an accountant  and I  were deposited at an airport  at the same time on the same day going to different cities within NZ. He looked at me and said " Hamish we need an idea a concept that will get us here " He is right 

We are a small operation it is a hobby and we do not sell the product so yes the snow and following freeze was not a disaster for us but it is for the commercial guys they are in real trouble  some have lost I gather 80% of their crop.

I doubt anyone would question my Southern Man status or for that matter my brother in law's we are  Southern Men. We drink Speights, we smack them bro, and we are gutted when our mates who farm are dealt a blow by the weather.

My thoughts are with every person trying to make a living off the land, it is  a hard job.

There is an election and my party Labour are a bunch of bloody prats I really  hate them I mostly hate them because they look like a party of yesteryear, look they are unelectable., but  I hate them more  because they are fucking  useless, a perceived ability   to fail to  change car wheel, do not look to Labour.