Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DR Congo. The Germans take a stand.

 Radio Okapi  Reports 

Germany is concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in eastern DRC. Its ambassador to Kinshasa, Peter Blomeyer, stated this Wednesday, Oct. 3, on the occasion of the German national holiday. It requires the M23 to stop recruiting children in war and stop committing violations against women.

Concern needs to translate to action. This is an ongoing issue. 
"We are very concerned over the deteriorating humanitarian situation. We ask [the M23] immediately stop the use of children in war, violations against women and children but also to stop the mutiny, "said Peter Blomeyer.
On September 11, Human Rights Watch accused the rebels of war crimes committed on a large scale, including summary executions, rape and forced recruitment. Thirty-three of those executed were young men and boys who tried to leave the ranks of the rebels, according to NGOs. M23 officials had then denied that their troops themselves or have committed crimes, denying the allegations of recruitment force and summary executions.

M23 are bastards. They need to be suppressed.
German diplomat again condemned the support that Kigali provides to the rebellion of M23 , which prevails in North Kivu since last May:
"We condemn this mutiny and support. We asked Rwanda to explain over the revelations of the UN experts. We had not received a convincing answer. So we suspended our budget support to Rwanda, amounting to 21 million euros. "

Whilst I think military suppression of M23 is a better course at least this is sending Rwanda a message. Thank you Germany.
The German Development Ministry, quoted by Reuters, stated, Saturday, July 28, that Berlin suspended 21,000,000 euros (26 million dollars) for his contributions to Rwanda's budget, planned from this year until 2015 .
Two days ago, the Netherlands was the first European country to have announced the suspension of development aid to Rwanda for the same reason. This assistance is estimated at 5 million euros, 6.160 million).

" Incidentally, said Ambassador Blomeyer, the bilateral aid of Germany to
the DRC is more than ten times that amount, hovering around €239
million--but not as budgetary supplement, but in support of various
conservation, rural development, potable water access, and security 
sector reform programs. "

Not part of the translated report but from Alex Engwete blog link below

The U.S. had already set the tone Saturday, July 21, suspending military aid to Rwanda valued at 200,000 U.S. dollars. These funds were used to finance a military academy for officers Rwandan unranked, had said the spokesman for the State Department. They would now be reallocated to another country, had she continued, without naming him.

Rwanda just fuck off.

Hat Tip Alex 

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