Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Global ( well where we could be arsed ) Internet Freedom Report

I have been thinking about doing a series of posts on African leaders and as such have been keeping an eye open for potential sites that can contribute in an empirical way to the content of said posts should I ever get of my arse and do them. At around 54 nations in Africa it isn't a small undertaking.  Bearing that in mind you can imagine my initial delight delight at discovering Freedom House  

They had a report up on Internet freedom  that was well fairly useless due to the total lack of effort that was put into it.

There seems to me to be little point in producing a report complete with a sexy map when you can't be bloody arsed collecting data from three quarters of the world. This might illustrate  my point a little better

That is about 50 country's, about a quarter of the number of country's in the world. That is hardly global. It is lazy. A quick glance at the map suggests that the repressive regimes of New Zealand and Canada didn't co-operate and no data was available whilst enlightened nations such as Iran, Syria and Pakistan co-operated.

If you are going to make a half hearted attempt you would be better off not wasting your and everyone's time.

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