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Uganda wins. The Sexiest MP in the world.

New Vision ( Uganda ) reports

Young MP Alengot’s 30 days as a parliamentarian

                        Alengot being sworn in as Usuk Member of Parliament

By Henry Sekanjako

 It is one month since Proscovia Alengot Oromait was sworn in as Member of Parliament (MP) for Usuk County, Katakwi district, but what has Uganda’s youngest MP done a month later, as a legislature?

I get so sick of doing journalists jobs for them. OK the obvious answer to that rhetorical brain fart is who cares. She is bloody good looking  stunning. Now we  have established the most important point and in fact the only purpose of this story ( Henry you can't fool me with the window dressing below. )  

Alengot was sworn in on September 20 and has been religiously attending plenary sessions to fully debate on issues that affect her electorate.

Two weeks after her swearing in, Alengot rose to the floor and applead to the Government to come to the rescue of her electorate, who were affected by floods as a result of heavy rains in Usuk.

“I appeal to the Government to come to our rescue. The floods have cut off most of the roads and they are now impassable,” Alengot remarked amid applause from fellow MPs.

Now if Ms. Alengot is representative of the women in her electorate I would suggest that getting those roads fixed should be matter of national urgency. My God Henry you got side tracked when you wrote this story. Time for more important stuff. She is 19 and not only Uganda's youngest MP but in fact Africa's youngest MP. Oh did I mention she is hot.

During her maiden speech on the floor of Parliament, Alengot took some time off to thank her electorate in Usuk for voting for her and promised to lobby for their needs.

Alengot has been a good time keeper during her one month period in Parliament and she likes to occupy the second and third bench, where she sits with fellow women MPs.

Now far be it from me to critise the Ugandan Education system but I am concerned that Ms.Alengot might be skipping important stuff to attend parliament my sources inform me she is enrolled at Uganda Christian University in Mukono. Something I find ironic given she is mentored by education minister Jessica Alupo.

When she is in the house, Alengot pays attention to the proceedings. She has not been quick to join debates. She is taking it a step at a time and is still learning how other people do it on the floor of Parliament so that she can be sure of what to say when her turn comes.

The young MP, however, has not been so active when it comes to committee work. Infact, a source said they have never seen her near any committee room where MPs meet to deliberate on policy issues among other legislative duties.

Henry seems to have completely lost the plot at this juncture who cares about policy Henry  it is boring stuff tell your readers what they want to know. Yes she is single.  Did I mention she is hot ?

When she is at Parliament, Alengot, who has not yet familiarised herself with most of her colleagues, is always seen in company of either Suzan Amero  (Amuria district) or Jessica Alupo (Education minister, woman MP Katakwi district).

The two are said to be her mentors, who did a lot to inspire her into the political field after the death of her father, Michael Oromait. Alengot is also many times seen in company of motherly women MPs. They clearly treat her like she is one of their young daughters they have to keep a watchful eye on.

Now this is much more like it Henry, intelligence, stuff we need to know. She has  a formidable  security in place. Minister Alupo is scary but check out Mrs Amero this woman has counter terrorism officer written all over her.

  " ( Suzan Amero VIP ASSISTANT AT ENTEBBE,INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- 14/1/1999 - 20/12/2009 )"

Alengot is quite the trendy MP. This is evident in her way of dressing while at Parliament.

She puts on body fitting suits and dresses.

Her dresses and skirts are always above the knee. You can also be sure to see her in matching outfits including the handbags she carries.

Look Henry if you have great legs you show them OK.

She adds to her elegance a baby cut hairstyle. Sources say, Alengot’s dress icon is minister Alupo. The minister’s style seems to be rubbing off well on Uganda’s youngest MP.

So the story is Uganda has the youngest sexiest MP in Africa and quite possibly the world. She is bloody hot and single. If you have a trumpet Henry it is quite OK to blow it.  

Updated. Thanks to Cactus Kate

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