Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gypsies. The hate continues , or does it ? Hi Italy

How often have I blogged about the stupidity of racism. Patrick and Tami have backed me on this and have taken  principled stands  both here and at MySpace. They have said exactly what I have said and both have been accused of being racists, I have not been accused but I am guessing that is because I am Caucasian. ( That is white for all you educated tea party people ).

Berluscon is a wanker and his rightwing maiden of hate  and trust me  she said  this.

" Wearing an elegant silk jacket, carrying a white Dolce & Gabbana handbag and sporting her customary silver eye shadow, the beleaguered mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti, cut an incongruous figure as she scrunched across the gravel at an old Gypsy campsite in Milan last week.

The 1,500 Gypsies who once lived here have long gone, which is why Moratti had brought the TV crews with her. "When I first came here, I saw an undignified way of life. Now there are zero Gypsies," she said, before listing the other Gypsy settlements around Milan that she plans to shut down if re-elected this weekend."
I just want to say that I have no idea why the Roma are hated. They are part of the European culture and they are the new " Jews " and Europe again hates a people.

"... prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, suffered a humiliating and politically ominous defeat in his home city of Milan on Monday when his party's choice for mayor, Letizia Moratti, was ousted in a runoff by a local leftwing lawyer, Giuliano Pisapia.
There was yet more bad news for the right in Naples where the candidate of the fiercely anti-Berlusconi Italy of Principles party, Luigi De Magistris, stormed home with more than 65% of the ".
Berlusconi was defiant despite the results that some political adversaries said marked the beginning of the end of his ascendancy in Italy's public life.
"This time we didn't win, but we continue. I am a fighter. Any time I have lost, I tripled the effort," he told reporters in Romania, where he was on an official visit ."

Italians and I have met a few are sick of the right wing can''t keep my cock in my trousers infact lets face it  American Republican Politics.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tool Time

I enjoy walking around hardware stores and even more so when I am with my father because  watching him look at tools gives me a good idea on what to buy him for presents etc.
This is a tool he wouldn't want but hell part of me can see the utilitity ( or is that utitty  ) value. It would make buying the correct size bra a whell  at least you wouldn't be spinning the wheel.

I don't drink beer but my guess is that is an Australian can ( VB ).  

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wellywood. Stupidity is truely global.

Why would anyone want to mimic Hollywood. Well I am fucked if I have a sensible answer.

 Wellington the New Zealand Capital City sure as hell doesn't want it , over 60% of the the city think is it is a stupid idea and with only 22% saying it is a good idea  why the fuck would you do it. From the New York Times yesterday

"Plans to erect a “Wellywood” sign mimicking the Hollywood sign in Wellington, New Zealand — part of an effort to promote that city’s growing film industry — have riled Hollywood insiders.
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which holds the trademark to the sign, insists that Wellington Airport needs permission to use the image and is threatening legal action.
“Over the years, we’ve been contacted by a lot of people who want to mimic the sign,” Leron Gubler, president of the chamber, said. “We usually tell them, ‘Do something of your own.’ ”
Do something of your own is good advise, threatening legal action is fucking stupid. Kiwi's are battlers and the opportunity to humiliate the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in a NZ court is the sort of thing that many of us would enjoy. Issuing empty threats about legal action you won't win if my understanding of the copyright law is correct is a bit like Goliath giving David a slingshot. 
Since the blockbuster “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was shot in New Zealand, that country’s film industry has proved a boon to tourism, with foreigners eager to climb the peaks that served as Mount Doom.
Last year, New Zealand officials agreed to contribute special financing to ensure that the two movies based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Hobbit” would be shot there, and the Wellywood sign was supposed to boost “Middle-earth” affection further.
The Hollywood chamber is less amused by take-offs. In the past, the sign was a favorite target of vandals and pranksters, who would adjust it to read “Hollyweed” or “Jollygood.”
A fence and webcam now protect against vandalism.
The chamber first contacted Wellington Airport about the Wellywood sign last year, expressing misgivings and legal concerns. Until recently, it assumed Wellywood was dead. But last weekend, the airport issued a statement brightly asserting its intention to begin construction."
Wellington is arguably the cultural capital of New Zealand in much the same way as Hollywood is America's cultural capital. Why the fuck we would want to trade our rich culture for the utter shit that masquerades as culture in Hollywood is beyond me.
 “I expect widespread support for the intent of the sign, even if a Wellywood sign isn’t everyone’s cup of tea,” Steve Fitzgerald, the chief executive of Wellington Airport, said in the statement. “Everyone benefits from increasing tourism for Wellington.”
But on Wednesday, a fight broke out in New Zealand that would put “Bridesmaids” to shame. Some Wellington city councilors urged the airport to reconsider, saying the sign would undermine the city’s reputation for cutting-edge creativity. Others called opponents “impetuous fools,” among other things.
More than 25,000 people have joined a Facebook group called “Wellingtonians Against the Wellywood Sign.”
Actually the fight is huge.
" A beer bounty is being offered to whoever destroys the Wellywood sign once its put up.
Blenheim brewery Moa will reward "successful acts of disobedience" with 15 cases of beer.
"Well obviously it's an outrage and the public have voiced their opinion and this is our way of supporting them and our form of protest as well," Moa market manager Sunil Unka said.
"Obviously we don't want anyone injuring themselves so if they can do it as safely as possible that  would be great. The best case scenario is for it to disappear and recycled some how.”
He agrees that the promotion is encouraging people to break the law but says the general population of Wellington and New Zealand didn't want the sign and would support destroying it.
Mr Unka said they would look at paying legal bills if people act on the bounty "
When  you offer a Kiwi 15 cases of premium beer to commit an illegal community sevice well you will probably find a taker.
"..in the past, the sign was a favorite target of vandals and pranksters, who would adjust it to read “Hollyweed” or “Jollygood."
He He. I rather suspect the NZ Police would give attacks on the sign a low priority.

The Global Peace Index

I am a left wing blogger in my opinion and I was some what disappointed that Kiwiblog failed to treat the Global Peace Index in the manner it deserves. It is a load of shit. Infact it is a load of anti American shit. New Zealand has swapped places with Iceland at the top of the table we are now the second least dangerous country in the world having been the least dangerous for the last two years. Kiwiblog attempts to rationalise this.

It is of course a load of shit as DPF at Kiwi blog well knows. These are the top 10 peaceful countries

1 Iceland
2 New Zealand
3 Japan
4 Denmark
5 Chech Republic
6 Austria
7 Finland
8 Canada
9 Norway
10 Slovenia

The USA comes in at 82. Lets think  I will not support  stupidity or misrepresentation ever and that is all I can see.

I am still standing ( Sort of )

I am pleased to let all fellow blogers know that I am alive and well, having survived the Rapture. From today’s New Zealand Herald.
” The apocalypse passed New Zealand by, and yesterday the rest of the world continued to exist, despite the prediction of a televangelist who now has two strikes to his name.
The prophecy of the end of the world ended with a whimper – not a bang – as life went on as usual despite warnings from Harold Camping.”
In fact I think whimper might be to strong an adjective for this insanity.
” He had insisted the so-called “Rapture” would begin with powerful earthquakes at 6pm local time in each of the world’s regions, with worthy souls transported to heaven.”
Actually at 6.00 pm I was 34,000 feet up in the air, so I doubt I would have been aware of any earthquakes and I had no idea he had been so specific with regard to time, if I had known that I might have asked the Hostess if the Captain and First Officer were serial rooters on the ground that it would be nice to have someone on the flight deck for landing.
Incidentally new planes have a smell just like new cars so I think Air New Zealand was probably quite pleased the Rapture didn’t occur. This was the first flight I have been on where you can use cell phones  and I was tempted until I saw the cost of calls from 34,000 feet, how does $2.80 per minute strike you.
” The 89-year-old and his religious broadcasting network Family Radio said the not-so-good were to suffer hell on earth until October 21, when God pulls the plug on the planet once and for all.
One of the first places to be hit, said Mr Camping, who first wrongly predicted the end of the world in 1994, would be New Zealand ….”
Well Camping at least has some understanding of the international time zones kind of interesting that he believes “ God “  would trouble himself with time zones though.
” Similarly in Europe and the United States, the deadline arrived with little fanfare, and even fewer people ascended dramatically to heaven.”
Ouch. Now that is nasty and I love it.
” In the US some people had left their jobs to urge others to repent before it was too late. In Australia, another early target of Mr Camping’s doomsday predictions, Christians greeted news of the end of the world with scepticism and humour before the fateful hour passed without incident. “
He he… The joke in New Zealand is that every New Zealander who emigrates to Australia raises the average IQ of both countries there must be quite a lot of us across the ditch, fucked if I can reach a conclusion on America from this though other than New Zealanders probably don’t emigrate to the US. I wonder why ?
” Mr Camping came up with his prediction using a calculation that started with the supposed year of the Great Flood, 4990BC.
He added 7000 years because, in the Bible, God “reminds us that one day is as 1000 years”, and then subtracted one because of a glitch when passing from the Old to the New Testament calendars. “
I’ll leave that particular bit of stupidity for Tami to address. He unlike me has a bible, I read it once many years ago and concluded that it was a total waste of my time.
“We’re going to poke fun at these people, but in the end we need to keep in mind that there are people being hurt here,” said David Silverman, president of the US-based group.
“We’re hoping people look at this and learn to use their brains … so we don’t have an occurrence of this in 2012,” he said, referring to the year when some believe the Mayas predicted the Earth’s demise.”
How do you protect people from their own stupidity ?

( I am a Kiwi blogger but I have been blogging on MySpace and more recently Friendburst I had been using wordpress but it is bloody hopless so will try this. My Friendburst readership is largely off shore that may explain the tone of these blogs.  They are written for a non NZ readership. Being  technology adverse I am hoping I can figure out this platform ).