Tuesday, October 30, 2012

France: A self inflicted language and culture of the past.

Stuff reports 

France eyes 'Google Tax' for French sites

French President Francois Hollande is considering a pushing for a new tax that would see search engines such as Google have to pay each time they use content from French media.
Hollande discussed the topic with Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, during a meeting in Paris on Monday.
Hollande says the rapid expansion of the digital economy means that tax laws need to be updated to reward French media content.

How bloody stupid. What will they use the inevitably ever diminishing tax for ? Presumably promoting French language and culture

Google has opposed the plan and threatened to bar French websites from its search results if the tax is imposed.

Germany is considering a similar law, and Italian editors have also indicated they would favour such a plan.

Italian editors ? Fuck me I assumed it was politicians not the media attempting cultural suicide.

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