Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rwanda. Read it and weep

Blogger Willis Shalita is happy, very happy, infact I would go so far as to say insanely happy. 


Rwanda has been overwhelmingly been elected to sit on the U.N. Security Council for the next two years.

By a vote of 148 out of 193 members of the U.N., Rwanda joins this crucial world body. NO OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRY CONTESTED RWANDA’S BID.

Actually on this and this alone I think Shalita might be right. The official UN record disagrees giving the first round result as.

First Round Voting Results

African and Asia-Pacific States

Number of ballot papers:
Number of invalid ballots:
Number of valid ballots:
Number of Members present and voting:
Required majority:

Number of votes obtained by country:

Republic of Korea
United Republic of Tanzania
Democratic Republic of the Congo

From the UN results we could legitimaly make the assumption that both the DR Congo and Tanzania had stood for the African seat. Had that been the case then there is no way in the world Rwanda would have won outright on the first ballot, The DR Congo would have attracted many Francophille votes and Tanzania would have likewise recieved Commonwealth votes. Rawanda is a member of the Commonwealth  as well joining in 2009. From Wikipedia

" Gained ( Rwanda ) independence from Belgium on 1 July 1962. The second country (after Mozambique) to be admitted to the Commonwealth without any former colonial or constitutional links with the United Kingdom."

The Britsh Empire might have faded away but if Tanzania was running for a seat it would have carried the Commonwealth vote in a show down with Rwanda.  So while I agree with Shalita, I would suggest he has failed to understand the import of no other African nation contesting the African Security Council seat. 

Others elected include Argentina, Australia, South Korea and Luxembourg.

Off the subject a bit but it was great to see the Australians get on although it will complicate our New Zealand 2016 attempt. On that note the Australian achievement running against Luxembourg and Finland and winning through on the first ballot with 140 votes, puts  Rwanda's " overwhelming " result against no opposition firmly into perspective as very pedestrian, that 45 countries didn't vote for Rwanda out of 193 when they had no alternative puts the result into perspective and probably explains why the official UN figures are such a dogs breakfast. 

The implications of Rwanda’s election cannot be minimized. This is a vote of confidence in our leadership and governance, and President Kagame deserves our admiration and respect for having steered us thus far.

Well I have just minimised it with out having to go to too much effort. It is infact a sad inditement on both Rwandan leadership and governance, unfortunatly it is also an inditement on the judgement of the many nations that did vote for Rwanda including I suspect New Zealand I haven't managed to run that information to ground yet.

This cannot be good news to our detractors. The DRC made some under the table noises to Rwanda’s bid but it fell on deaf ears. How long can lack of leadership in the DRC be blamed on Rwanda?

Now from this point on Shalita  Willis, lets call him Willis, goes  from very happy to insanly happy  bat shit crazy. " The DRC made some under the table noises ?" 

You mean the DR Congo said it didn't support the Rwandan bid I assume, the DRC said that quite publically, unlike a significant number of UN member states who couldn't bring themselve to hold their noses and vote for Rwanda, so didn't say anything and didn't vote for Rwanda.

Funny how people distort the truth, yes Willis I am talking about you but not only you. With regard to the DR Congo leadership I have critised it often as have many observers both within and outside the DR Congo none of us hold Rwanda accountable for the mistakes Kinshasa has made. We hold however Kilgali and the administration of President Kagame directly responsible for the situation in the eastern DR Congo and you Willis, you might well ask what I hold you responsible for well Willis I hold you and your ilk responsible for Louise and that seems only fair.

I guess that the human face of Rwandas action in the eastern DR Congo is something that doesn't concern you. But you Willis and your nation will be held accountable for this. 

Human Rights Watch (HRW) – or HATE RWANDA WICKEDLY – has egg on their face. Philippe Bolopion, UN Director of the New York-based campaign group wimply complained about Rwanda’s election, but nobody is listening. HRW has annoyingly tried to elevate their stature by demonizing our leadership and minimizing our achievements. Who made them boss of us, I ask?

Your wrong Willis the world is listening. The eyes of the world are watching Rwanda and that should scare the crap out of you. Don't for a second think that we weren't watching you yesterday Your leadership is being demonised by far more than HRW nobody is minimising the havoc Rwanda has achieved in the DR Congo  you see Willis it is personal.

Today is a great day for Rwanda. To our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, under whose office the task of Rwanda’s election fell, I say, JOB WELL DONE. You make us proud.

Now as far as comedy goes this is Willis at his best Louise Mushikiwabo is a joke on Wednesday she said.

The Government of Rwanda is set to pursue legal action against a United Nations-appointed Group of Experts that has accused Rwanda of fermenting dissent and political chaos in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.
Now given that that group of experts reports directly to the UN Security Council her only option is at an employment law level is to take legal action against the Security Council if that isn't enough comedy enough for you I can't for the life of me figure out what court she plans to litigate this in. I look at this issue in the Mushikiwabo link above.
In spite of attacks from all corners, the truth has prevailed, and Rwanda’s record speaks for itself. Much has been achieved. But, the job just begun.

The truth is something Willis you wouldn't recognise if it bit you on your arse.

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