Thursday, October 11, 2012

NZ Politics more bat shit crazy

Scott at Imperator Fish produced a satirical piece highlighting the failure of the NZ Labour opposition and their inept media strategy. 

Transcript of Labour Leader's Speech to Caucus Members

Thanks, team, for joining me here. It's been a good spell for us. John Key's in serious trouble, and we haven't had an own goal from one of our MPs for at least 24 hours. Wait... Trevor, are you tweeting again? Trevor! Put it away!

Anyway, we're still having a devil of a time connecting with the voters. We're struggling to get our faces in front of the public. Part of the problem is that whenever the media want a quote from the opposition they go to Winston or Russel instead of us.....

This means we need a new strategy to get the media's attention. We complain a lot about how the news is being dumbed down in favour of stories about celebrities and football stars, and yet there it is, the answer right in front of us.

Let's play their game. Let's give the media what they want.

The other thing we need to work on is how we look. It's an unfortunate fact that most politicians are just pig-ugly. The only reason any of us ended up here was because we joined the high school debating team and discovered we liked the sounds of our own voices, and the only reason we joined that team was because we were regarded as lepers by our peers. Don't take this personally, because it's not just you guys here. Whenever I look around in Parliament I find myself thinking "f**k me, there are some seriously ugly people in this room".

And I acknowledge that the problem starts at the top. Looking back over the years I'm struck by how astonishingly ugly some of our prime ministers have been....

It is an excellent read, ironically life sometime imitates art sorry blogging

We have this from Cameron Slater aka the Whale.


After 3News tonight and all the media repeating Labour’s claims that a secret recording was made of John Key at GCSB it is abundantly clear that there needs to be a wide ranging inquiry into activities at GCSB.
Firstly because the Leader of the Opposition is now alleging there is evidence that an agency has gone rogue, where their spies are breaking the law and now playing politics in a bid to protect themselves from accountability. Not only that it appears also that Labour has politicised and compromised the GCSB by playing politics with the spy agency.
Labour claims it has sources inside the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) spy agency who are adamant Mr Key gave an address to staff in which he spoke of Dotcom.
That one sentence should ring alarm bells. No political party should ever have “sources inside GCSB”, ever. That is very concerning and also very curious because I understand, from my own sources, that the trail from GCSB to Labour is very, very short.
My sources tell me that the information that Labour is running has come directly from the agent who had a lead role of the GCSB operation who is currently under the gun for his botched handling of it. I will call him Agent “G”.
Former Agent “R” is the root of a member of Shearer’s office.  He is best mates with Agent “G”
So we have a rogue agent, attempting to cover his butt, feeding information to a senior person in the Labour party via their partner and a leader of a political party who has decided to compromise both the Agent and his staffer so he can play politics with one of our national security bureaus.
GCSB appears hopelessly compromised, out of control and rogue or at the very least have a couple of of mischievous politically motivated and connected troublemakers.
If Shearer’s claims are true it also looks like the GCSB has broken the law, again. If it is illegal for the GCSB to record NZ residents then surely it is also illegal to record the New Zealand Prime Minister who also happens to be a NZ citizen. Is David Shearer complicit in assisting the GCSB to break the law?
For the Record GCSB says Shearer is wrong as Felix Marwick reports:
This whole debacle needs an urgent inquiry to find out who, in GCSB has decided to play politics to either leak a recording illegally obtained, or to make it up for political gain.
If they are prepared to leak or manufacture stories and feed them to a political party then what else are they prepared to leak or do. If Labour can willy-nilly release information or manufactured about the GCSB then what is stopping them releasing information from briefings to suit their political agenda.
Neither the GCSB (until the rogue agent is caught) nor Labour can be trusted at the moment. If you can’t trust your spies then who can you trust. John Key must act to reign in the rogue players.
Either Shearer is making this up, or the GCSB cannot actually be trusted.
UPDATE: Shearer has no evidence, massive facepalm for Davi Shearer and tame journos at TV3. This is a new league of ineptness that is beyond the capabilities of even Trevor Mallard.
UPDATE: GCSB denies a recording even exists. Looks like Shearer has been set up by Robertson loyalist Fran Mold.
Spy boss Ian Fletcher has denied Labour claims that Prime Minister John Key was caught on camera discussing Kim Dotcom in February.
Earlier today Labour claimed a tape existed of Key giving speech to staff in cafeteria at the Government Communications Security Bureau’s Wellington headquarters in which he made a quip about Dotcom. Key has said he remembers the speech but not the remark.
Fletcher said “exhaustive enquries” at the GCSB have revealed no video tape. Still photographs exist but would not be released because they identify staff at the super-secret agency.
An investigation was now underway into the ‘‘leak’’ at the agency, he said.
They won’t need to look far…Agent “G” would be my pick.

Make no mistake this is a total fuck up by the government and it is a very serious issue as Pablo explains but Labour it would appear have done fairly much what Scott satirically suggested they do. They have in fact handed the Government a win in what was a no win situation.  

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