Monday, October 1, 2012

Dirty Dancing in Zimbabwe and that"s the Police.

Newsdze Zimbabwe reports



" HARARE - Police officers at Harare Central Police Station begged popular pole dancers Zoey Sifelani and Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda to dance in custody for the cops pleasure.

Bev revealed this while narrating her ordeal to the Daily News following her single night stay at Harare Central Police Station.
Zoey and Bev were arrested for indecent exposure following their semi-nude pictures published in the H-Metro newspaper."
I assume that the newspaper publisher was also arrested ?
“The police were not as harsh as we know them; they treated us like their friends and they were keen to see us in their company. Time and again they begged us to showcase our dance skills for them — they asked us to dance after every 30 minutes — throughout the night,” she said.
She said she relied on food brought by her manager Harpers Mapimhidze since there were only bread crumbs in the cells.
“There were only bread crumbs,” she said. Bev bemoans the lack of sanitary pads in police cells.
“We were four people in that cell and unfortunately one of us needed to wear sanitary pads but shockingly she was instructed to use a toilet tissue,” she said.

Probably more information than we require.

Bev and her mentor Zoey were picked up by police on Wednesday and released the following day.
“At the police station they took our finger prints before showing us H-Metro pictures which they were using as evidence to convict us. We produced the licence, but unfortunately it had expired,” she said.
Tichavona Mutebere of Govere Law Chambers who represented the two top of the range pole dancers managed to put the two out of custody. Zoey said she is now in possession of the renewed licence and the two are promising to put the country on fire again.
When they were released, within two hours, they were on stage again at Super Label Night Club in Harare.

Not quite sure what to make of that .
“Other dance groups were in cloud nine when the news of our arrest hit them because they wanted to take advantage of our absence. They were shocked to see us on stage doing what we know best,” she said.
Zoey who claims to be the pioneer of pole dancing in the country said the dance is only meant to seduce or tease man.
“Zimbabweans mistake a pole dancer for a commercial sex worker, but actually there is a difference between the two. We are not prostitutes but dancers though our dance is meant to seduce men,” she said.
Noleen and her mentor Denver Kusiwa popularly known as DJ Devante in the dancing circuit borrowed the dance from neighbouring South Africa, but in fact pole dancing was introduced in America some 100 years ago.
It means Zimbabwe needs about 100 years for it to fully come to terms with the erotic dance.

Zimbabwe is a total shambles, this is the extent of law enforcement, this is as good as it gets. 
The pole dancer revealed that the dance is confined to a certain social class.
“Pole dancing is appreciated in upmarket clubs where even top government officials such as ministers come,” she said.

Pole dancing will probably be an Olympic sport in 100 years time.

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