Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farrar in Scotland

I am the first to admit I have an evil   well naughty side to my nature. Earlier this year David Farrar ( DPF )  asked where would  be good place's to visit in Scotland. Now I am by birth a Scot despite my Kiwi ( well almost ) accent and citizenship. The opportunity for mischief  was immediately apparent to me, fortunately for DPF my father was visiting at the time and when I suggested to him that I should direct DPF to Dundee and Glasgow he asked just how much I hated DPF and the look on his face when I said I liked him was well enough to convince me that I should refrain from comment. Could I have pulled it off ? I doubt it, he is to smart to not have investigated and decided that Dundee was a must miss place although I note from his blog he did visit Glasgow.

I will give you a glimpse though of my " cunning plan "

I grew up in  Monifieth and the picture above is the  Monifieth beach. Monifieth is a suburb of Dundee. I was born in Edinburgh and it is a city I love but despite it being 37 years since I left Monifieth ( I was 7 at the time ) I still have a map of it in my mind. I could find my way to my old house in Grange road without a problem.

Could I have convinced DPF well this might have done the trick

It is the Seven Arch's bridge. I think it was a rail bridge, but for me it was far more, the things that lived under that bridge in my imagination were well... I guess most of us know about small boys imagination.

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