Saturday, July 30, 2011

U-20 All Whites sticking to the plan

Carrying a couple of injuries at the moment that mean I can't do anything very physical which was a bit unfortunate when a former girl friend popped up to Auckland for a night a week back, so to amuse myself I declared war on the American right wing on Friday night nothing very unusual in that other than I have managed to sustain it for the remainder of the weekend.

So to keep myself entertained between blogs I have been watching sport on TV and reading the highly entertaining and totally un PC Jeremy Clarkson's book " how hard can it be " which I have to review for the next edition of the magazine. OK there has been lots of Rugby to watch.

I am now watching the Under 20 Soccer World Cup I am not a big fan of the beautiful game.

Here's Clarkson's take on soccer and rugby.

In football there are seventeen laws - or eighteen if you count the unwritten stipulation that you must be a wet fart to play it in the first place - whereas in rugby there are twenty two laws. And that is before you get to the subclauses and subdivisions that conspire to make the whole thing more complicated than the assembly instructions for a space shuttle. I know a great many rugby fans who claim to know what is going on out there, but that is just the beer talking. The fact is no one does. And despite this the game works.

I fairly much agree with him soccer pisses me off and New Zealanders pretending we can play soccer pisses me off. Our goalie took out a Cameroon strikers  foot with his head giving them a penalty  that he initially saved but gave the ball back to the guy taking the penalty who the scored so maybe  that will have been a consolation to the striker as he limped from the field praying that he had achieved a minor concussion. Clearly if you are going to use your head to take out an opponents foot you are far better suited to rugby.

At last years world cup we went through the tournament with out losing a match the problem was we didn't manage to win a match either. Today the U 20's stuck to the plan a came away with a 1 all draw.  

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