Monday, July 18, 2011

The US President and the NZ Prime Minister

They get on very well, actually that doesn't surprise me at all. A center / right wing NZ politician is a Democrat Obama and Key could swap offices and nothing would change. I gather they are the same age and as such represent a new leadership joined by not a few political leaders born in the early 60"s.

OK fine photo opportunities all round  but a former New Zealand Prime Minister and a Labour PM current NZ embassardor to the US  said this.

Despite the debt drama, New Zealand's ambassador to the United States, Mike Moore, says the Americans are determined to see Key's White House visit through.
"I just got a call minutes ago from the chief of staff saying it's locked in; he's available. It's a difficult time in Washington, it is a crisis time but the chief of staff said to me [the president] is looking forward to this meeting, [he] recalls his meetings with the prime minister and there are certain economic things they wish to talk about. The meeting is on, that's all there is to it. I think that shows the strength of the personal relationship."

That looks like a sort of get fucked, right wing America, it also shows a small nation that has always been friendly to the US we might still be mates.

Now if America elects the morons that are putting  the hand up for the GOP well great we will dislocate.

America you have a great President.

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