Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lets hate, I mean really hate people who have nothing Australasian style.

It was great to see New Zealand fall in behind Australia today and I was so proud of our Prime Minister when he came out with this attack on those who lets face it deserve our compassion.

" The Prime Minister is being accused of tarnishing New Zealand's reputation as a compassionate country with his attacks on asylum seekers.
In response to reports a boatload of nearly 80 Sri Lankan people might be heading for New Zealand, Mr Key said they would not be welcome.
The boat has been detained in Indonesian waters by local authorities.
People on board had flags and signs referring to New Zealand that prompted Mr Key to state the boat could have been in its way to the country.'

It was great to see that  Labour agreed.

" The Labour Party said Mr Key's statement that asylum seekers are not welcome is a bit harsh, but agrees with the Government's general stance.
But the Green Party said it is shocked by the Prime Minister's attack on vulnerable people and New Zealand's reputation as a compassionate nation will suffer as a result. "

Only the Greens stood up and told the  truth.

Yeah well fuck Labour in New Zealand. I used to stand for Labour, I still stand for that little girl but I have lost touch with the New Zealand Left you stand for nothing other than yourselves Labour.

They are of course Tamils, and as such not wanted  in New Zealand by the ex-pat  Sri Lankin population, and so the hate continues, lets send some immigration people up to Indonesia and see if they qualify under UN law. Lets try to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

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