Monday, July 11, 2011

You are Black, of course I hate you and intend to exploit you.

I am a white middle class male and sure I get shit about that but it is usualy from extreemests who I ignore. I have no problem's being me. Sure I have pissed off America to the point that you hate me but again I have no problem with that. Yesterday I posted this blog it had a crack at racist New Zealand and trust me I thought Tea Party staffer must be involved but no we are a bunch of racist wankers and if you are not white well sorry you are just going to be left behind today America went even further

"Missed in all of the pornography-banning outrage over the (anti-gay marriage) marriage pledge that GOP hopeful Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was first to sign is a bit of not-so-fine print thatmakes a stomach-churning comparisonbetween the era of slavery and the presidency ofBarack Obama. To be fair, there’s a lot to hate inThe Marriage Vow, but right at the top of page one is the paragraph that insists that black children born into slavery had a better shot at two-parent glory than those born under President Obama’s watch. "

I am sort off astonished, I have on occasion defended the right on the right to free speech, this woman would seem to be advocating  re-emancipation on the grounds that it will deliver better outcomes for black Americans. Hey you stupid bitch learn how to read, then learn economics and then admit you are a fucking ignorant  bitch and fuck off.

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