Thursday, June 30, 2011

Killing our kids is the issue. Not boycotting books.

I have blogged about this before at MySpace and I will continue to blog on this issue. In New Zealand we kill our kids. It seems to me we are very good at it and dare I say it Maori New Zealand are the best of all New Zealanders at  killing. Above is Macsyna King. I don't hate her, I have never met her and I am not prepared to speculate on her potential guilt or innocence in the death of her twin sons that the NZ police have not charged her is something we should all keep in mind while we as a nation hate her.

Trust me New Zealand hate this woman, she has responded to this by telling her version of events to a New Zealand  "  investigative journalist "   rightwing christian nutter Ian Wishart a man who regularly fucks me off but, and it is a big but, is a guy who I think tells it the way he sees it. He is publishing next month a book about Macsyna and her version of what happened and New Zealand has gone bloody crazy from todays NZ Herald

" Some leading stores plan to boycott a book by the Kahui twins' mother, Macsyna King, after a public outcry - a move the writer has slammed as the "death of free speech".
The Paper Plus group and The Warehouse yesterday said they would not stock Breaking Silence: The Kahui Case because of an overwhelming outcry from the public.
Last night, 30,000 people had joined the Boycott the Macsyna King Book Facebook page."

The real problem, that we are killing our kids is lost as we indulge in hate.

It isn't the death of free speech but it is the death of free choice. As much as I disagree with Wishart's world view his book should be sold, I for one will read it.

I look at Macsyna King, I look at her awful lifestyle decisions and I say to her how do we bring you back ? How do we turn your life around ? I hope Wishart has asked these questions because the left answer is welfare and the right is no welfare.

The answer  my friends is  in the middle.

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