Saturday, July 23, 2011

Batshit crazy arrives Downunder

A new grouping of right wing morons have established themselves  in New Zealand

I was having an average sort of day today but this is great news when I saw the logo yesterday on   Kiwiblog I didn't take in it was actually establishing itself  as an independent political party but having had a read of No Right Turn's blog I discovered my oversight, Idiot / Savant the owner of No Right Turn puts it far better than I ever could.

" New Zealand now has its own Tea Party, pushing the same brand of less tax, less government, climate-change denial and racism seen in the US. The problem for them is that this niche is already well-populated, most notably by ACT, but also by other minnow parties such as Libertarianz and the Sovereignty Party. Meaning that even if they do manage to scrape up the 500 members required for registration, they're unlikely to get anywhere."

He is spot on the far right in New Zealand seem to hate each other almost as much as they hate the left and the centre right are not batshit crazy as anyone who reads Kiwiblog would attest. ( Any gay readers might want to follow the link to No Right Turn and read what he has to say about Ghana an opinion I completely agree with. )

Anyway back to the fun. I am sure that should the the NZ Tea Party manage to get 500 members it will take a principled position and not accept state funding just like all the other right wing nutters , oh hang on sorry they do accept funding...  well who would have thought it.

Joy of joys they have a website you need a strong stomach to read it.

Tea Party Secretary: Peter Bird - email contact Tea Party Secretary < > Peter J. Bird - contact Tea Party Secretary: Peter Bird - email contact 

Brief Bio: Upper Hutt resident, 36 years > 20 years in the security industry

Tea Party E-Savvy coordinator: Murray Pepperell - email contact Tea Party e-tek coordinator < > Murray Pepperell Tea Party E-Savvy coordinator: Murray Pepperell - email contact
Bio: Wellington> 10 years security industry> 15 years, energy consultant "

You have to laugh at that and I am afraid google was unable to enlighten me further. Can anyone explain to me what the security industry is ?  Pub bouncer, SIS oh shit on that would be a civil servant website is quite clear on that evil.

" Currently  (WE OVER TAX) hard working Kiwi's and distribute their money onto beneficiaries. " 

Sensible policies for a fairer New Zealand if you are white, employed, male, but what happens if you are Maori,

"It is imperative upon full and (final settlement payment) that we move to the next phase of
the partnership, which is becoming one united nation under one flag with equal rights for all
After Maori have received all negotiated grievance payments,  that will be the time to move
from our current divisive model to a "universal electoral system" without privileged seats to
any group based upon gender race, or religion. It is condescending to treat Maori differently"

Your fucked bro. We are flying our flag, ironically the one with a Union Jack in the corner ( guess they didn't actually check out what the original tea party was all about )  but you Maori can forget about your symbolism aspirations culture you are now white.

I love the  " grievance payments " we Pakeha ( European NZ ) signed a deal and then fucking ignored it and nicked a bloody country, bothers and sisters not far from my house there is a memorial to the Maori people that is how bad it got. There is a word for that, it is genocide.

" ...from our current divisive model.... without privileged seats to any group based upon gender, race, religion..."

Actually there are 7 Maori seats in a parliament of 120 seats  actually I think it is 122 due to MMP overhangs there are no seats allocated on gender or religion, you sort of think they might be aware of that. The Maori electorates are the same size population wise and if I want to I could stand in one so that argument falls over as well.

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