Wednesday, July 20, 2011

" Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes. "

" Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes. "
Henry David Thoreau.

Maybe that is something the English Rugby Union should be thinking about. Actually there hasn't been an uproar down under but trust me there will be if this  is true and it would disgust me.

" In an article in British newspaper The Daily Mail, award-winning journalist Martin Samuel has criticised the decision saying England have 'stolen the sacred attire of the host nation' he also asks the question 'has there ever been a marketing exercise quite as crass as this?'
Sammuel believes that the kit, complete with Maori motif, has been designed to play mind games with the All Blacks before the tournament has even begun.
But he also thinks it is a desperate measure from a team who should concentrate on beating their opponents on the field, rather than annoying them off it. "

You don't take Maori culture without permission and if as reported they have a Maori motif then they should have consulted Maori, who would have given permission and then helped out in what was appropriate. Why the hell would we object to the English playing in black when the All Blacks often play Scotland and France in white.

" However, several prominent Kiwis have criticised the decision to copy the All Blacks jersey, which has a 127-year history.Rugby commentator Keith Quinn is one person to voice his dissatisfaction with England's plans."Of all the colours in the rainbow, why would they choose the colour of the host nation?" he told theDominion Post."

Look I love Keith Quinn he is a man who has forgotten more about rugby than any of us collectivly know. He is wrong though, we now play in a professional era and this is about marketing or more acuratly merchandising.

England will fail yet again to win the world cup this year. Wouldn't it be great to see Samoa in the semi finals ?

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