Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Did I miss read Thailand ?

No and  unfortunatly yes. I was European in my thinking and not Asian. Yingluck Shinawatra is in my opinion the leader of  a party that has a " red shirt " mandate. Pheu Thai the party she leads will have to deliver to supporters and while many hail this  a 5th victory at the polls for the leftist red shirts it isn't a landslide  her party control just over 50% of the parliament. So it comes down to what can she deliver, I thought this from Bloomberg was interesting.
"Thaksin should “shut up” and stay away from Thailand, outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said.
“If Yingluck lets her brother control her, she will end up doing bad things like Thaksin had done including dominating government officials and interfering with the army, parliament and judicial process,” he told reporters today. “If she does, that will be the end of her.”

I suggest that there is warning here. Thaksin was removed by the military  for alleged insults to the Monarchy but there is also a potential opportunity here for Yingluck. Thailand love their King  but I gather he is on his last legs so we have a sucession issue.

Next in line is Crown Prince Vajiraalongkorn

and he is not liked.  Unlike the UK sucsession is  at the will of the privy council, that puts his sister in play

 and she is very popular
 and might have been for a while 

 "The Thai constitution was altered in 1974 to allow for female succession and to put her in the line of succession."

I think this provides possibilities

Actually that is something the Pheu Thai  will be thinking about I am sure.

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