Saturday, July 16, 2011

Easter agony has a reward.

Easter in the deep south of New Zealand is an amazing place and I was down at my parents place last Easter and it happened that I was their for the harvest.

My parents have a small vineyard and got the nod from the wine maker that it was time to pick on the day I was heading back to Auckland  fortunately for the parents in the late afternoon. Dad told me that I was responsible for getting the nets off the night before and warned me it was the hardest job because there would be a ground level frost.

I started at 7.30 am and the pickers  sister, brother in law, parents, nieces, nephew and some friends turned up at  8.00 am and I managed to stay ahead of them and actually was able to take over from Dad  managing the packing of grapes at about mid day for an hour or so allowing him to get organised to get the grapes to the wine maker.

My Brother in law and I were transported to Queenstown airport  for flights to Wellington and Auckland and unceremoniously dumped, we sat outside and reflected on or skills and what we needed to do to upgrade them and get gainful employment in  New Zealand's wonderland.

You can see why. Well yesterday  Dad sent me an email and a photo.

" Just got it-better than last lot
Dad "

The result and if Dad is saying it is better than the last lot I am guessing it is very good. If you look through the windscreen you can see the snow.

It is a magic place.

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