Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swimming nude with whales. ( Contains nudity )

I have to say the article is just about unreadable but the photos are great

Natalie Davis Seneke is a Russian scientist pictured swimming naked with beluga whales

From my interpretation of the article the whales don't like swimming with guys in wet suits but a hot naked Russian woman is a different proposition altogether.

" Beluga whales are known to revealing human-like facial expression known experiment of two whales one called 'Materna,' the other side called 'Ni Erma', they seem to enjoy and Natalia were swim underwater feeling. The naked tame white whale experiments in Russia's Murmansk region of northwestern Baihai Hai domain. staff will be surrounded by a sea, whales and dolphins to prevent escape, and then allow the trainer to tame these breast-feeding animals, and finally they are transported to the Dolphinarium around the world and many conservationists believe that this approach is too cruel. "

That is a bit sad if I have understood it properly hell swim naked with whales by all means hell I would love to swim naked with Natalie as well but why the hell would you want to remove them from the ocean  and stick them in a swimming pool.

" Russian female scientist Natalie Davis Senke naked Yaa temperature of only minus 1.5 degrees Celsius jumped into the water in the trying to tame two white whales. Natalia is a dive master, was chosen because of oceanographers nude told her, do not like the contact with the white whale man-made materials, such as diving suits."

Actually on second thoughts I might ask Natalie to join me in the tropical  Pacific Islands  to get naked with some whales.

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