Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Invisible People TV

A few days ago Pablo at Kiwipolitico who is touring America made an interesting observation on the way reality TV shows have changed in the USA

" In recent months the reality concept has focused on the impact of economic misery, albeit from a tangential angle. The most popular shows, led by those on a channel called “True TV–not reality, but actuality”–are those that cover the flow-on effects of economic hardship."

That sort of astonished me, and maybe in some ways it is it just being brutally honest although making money out of someone misery doesn't strike as very ethical. I didn't give it much thought because my reaction to reality TV is to reach for the remote.

I went back today to have a read of the comments and this one caught my attention. By L_F.

" Pablo, The sad and seldom told reality on misery in the US, Canada and other places, is demonstrated on Invisible People TV. It was the best of times and the worst of times…"

 I went and had a look at Invisible People TV it is a blog and was impressed. I think you should take the time to have a read. I have no idea who the author is but when one of his subject Catherine  quoted Gandhi I realised something.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.” 

This guy gets it I am going to give you Terra's story but trust me there are no shortage of stories.

" I met Terra in Toronto, Canada. An outreach nurse who had been helping her connected us. Terra is a wonderful, gorgeous 25 year-old woman who has lived on the streets for 5 months.
Terra tells a very real story about life on the streets. She doesn’t like shelters because she was beat up in one, so she sleeps on the streets or in parks.
I hope Terra’s story will stay in your heart and mind as it has with me. After this interview we took her to get some food. She is intelligent and funny, she just needs some extra love and compassion to change her life. The good news is the outreach nurse I was with is filled with that extra love and compassion, and will do everything she can to find Terra some help. 
Please support all health and medical outreach services in your community."

I will post the video in the comments but it occurs to me this is the reason we should pay our taxes. If we are privileged enough to have a job, house, family support we are rich. This is a Canadian story  and I am not having a crack at Canada this is a problem the world over. It pisses me off because it doesn't need to be this way, as Midnight Oil have pointed out in previous blogs of mine " There is enough for every one "

Some of you will blame Terra, you are wrong to do so. It takes a village to bring up a child, we failed her. She isn't only in Toronto, she is in Auckland, Canberra, L.A., Paris. She Caucasian, Asian, Black, Maori, she is our daughter our sister.

Thank you Invisible People TV.

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