Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is all shit and Kevin should be shot.

Kevin wrote at September 21, 6:35 pm.
" Hello Iain and welcome to FriendBurst!! I hope you will enjoy it here. Finding a new place can be a bit overwhelming, especially with everything we have to offer. "
 ....challenging a new place can be. FriendBurst may be similar to other social networks, but we are a lot different to. Just take it step by step. We are here to help. FriendBurst is "member driven" with a lot of great members and volunteers. One of our new programs is a FriendBurst Buddy program. Just reply to this email and tell me you would like a FriendBurst Buddy. I will assign a member to help answer questions if you run into problems. This program is totally optional but a fun way to meet a new person who knows the ropes. Please be kind to them, they are volunteers like most of us here Smile
Ha fucking ha Kevin you have deleted me twice this week, not just my blog my profile  why ? Well I am guessing because I critised the USA, actually I did I quoted  am American Pablo guess his observations were scary and deleting me and hiding under the blanket was safer for you. Or are you now a brave new world site that loves the right an finds Palins verbal  ( ;and actual )  farts akin to perfume

So, where can you find answers to most of your questions? To get started, please make sure you check out our Frequently Asked Questions to answers on how to customize your profile, create blogs and much more. Here is the link:
Yeah ? How come you will not answer me  ? Why are you so scared of me ? Hell I live in New Zealand it isn't like I am going to be able to turn off your funding or is it ? Friendburst is indeed a challenging place you need better than average knowlege to be able to post. That I could deal with  you needed less than average I.Q. to have an account.

Friendburst you will fail, you will fail on integrety. You will fail because guys like me  who actually fight think guys like Kevin are full of shit. Thet are more interested in shutting people up. I Blog.l 

Are you a MUSICIAN or BAND? Here is a MUST read:

There is so much FriendBurst has to offer, from forums to groups and blogs. Take your time to get to learn your want around. On the menu find the Explore Link and look around.

Here are some quick links to help find people and areas of interest:

Friendburst created Pre-Made Layouts:

Tools for creating your own profile layouts:

FriendBurst Do It Yourself CSS Codes and Premade Layouts

Cool Chaser and Other Generators





New Member Help Center
 (Staffed by FriendBurst Volunteers)

Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and welcome!!

Founder and Member
FriendBurst! A Place for Sharing

p.s. As a new member it is helpful to make friends to upload a profile pic. To do so off the menu go to Profile and Edit Profile Pic

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