Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rugby World Cup, 9 / 11 and the Americam Eagles

Well the RWC is up and running and a couple of thing are becoming very obvious already,  the rugby super powers  New Zealand, South Africa, England and possibly France  along with the great Powers Ireland ,Scotland, Wales, Argentina, and to a lesser extent Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Italy, Japan, Australia and the minnows such as the USA, Canada and Namibia are far closer to each other than ever before.

I will get back to the American Eagles later on but  the TV news just reported that the at half time the score line was Ireland 3  America 0 that is a penalty kick that is a massive result for the Eagles remember the Eagles are armatures in a professional sport.

Japan played France today and bloody hell they were competitive until the last  20 minutes within a converted try for a win. The French looked decidedly average, not below average but average that tells a story the French emerged with a 47 -21 but the score did not reflect the match. Scotland played Romania and as the match drew to a close Romania were 24 - 21 up, the Scots  came back to win with a 34 -24 victory. In Dunedin the English  had  to face Argentina and came close to losing.

A bit of an irony here the English in an all black  strip  ( with a Maori design included ) had they added a Maori design to their white strip we would have  applauded them, to take our colour in New Zealand  is just stupid the All Blacks will not forget that, should we meet.

OK it is 9 /11 today in New Zealand and  America  you can be proud of your Eagles but also your Marines, your Ambassador either wheeled out or brought in  a Marine band contingent  and the Eagles  along with the Marines  and the NZ Fire Service paid tribute in  New Plymouth  the Eagles home for the World Cup.

America you have sent us a great ambassador  David Huebner he gets us and we get him.

" Today I had the solemn honor of participating in a memorial service to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9-11, at St Andrew’s Church in New Plymouth. Led by my friend the Reverend Kim Francis, the memorial drew more than 500 Kiwis, Americans, Irish, and others to pray, sing, remember, and show solidarity.
Our Marine Band joined St Andrew’s choir to provide music. I was joined at the front of the congregation by the entire USA Eagles team and other special friends including Mayor Harry Duynhoven and the Mayoress, MP Jonathan Young, and my colleagues Ambassador Frankie Reed, Special Representative Reta Jo Lewis, and ANP Desk Officer Michele Petersen. "

Actually  we might just keep him after his term is up.

Trust me America the real person who got to us was a Marine in charge of the band  he looked at the camera  and told the truth. He told us  about the  " World In Union " the song for the  Rugby World Cup, he told us that Al Qeada had tried to devide the world. He told of the determination of New Zealand  and the United States not to let this happen.

Today wasn't about Rugby. Tonight is. Good luck Eagles.


  1. Whether or not the timong of the USA game was deliberate, the Spetember 11 date made it more significant.

    I'm not sure if the teams reputed to be the better ones aren't trying as hard or if the gap between them and the rest has narrowed.

    But it's great to see more even contests.

  2. My feeling watching the Japanese v France match was that these guys were here to play and a big well done to John Kirwin