Monday, September 19, 2011

9-11, America and are you mad ?

Hi America
Remember me ? I am the guy who tells the truth, you have deleted me for it but  please Kelvin & Karen do not think for a second deleting me will work to shut me up. I will  attack the stupidity that is America and so I lean again on Pablo at Kiwiolitico who just points out Americas failings.

My  personal favorite quote

"...Better yet, with its economy hollowed out and its military stretched across the globe fighting to preserve a status quo increasingly under siege, perhaps it would be wise for the US public to drop the blinders and reflect on the fact that it many ways the US is starting to look like the USSR in the 1980s–a military power increasingly left without the economic or political foundation to regulate the international system rather than simply clinging on to a role it once had, and which may never be again.."


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