Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It starts on Friday. RWC

Ok there are a few Australians, one Irishman, and a Englishman who read this blog and might understand what I am talking about. Actually I emailed one of New Zealand's best sports bloggers Keeping Stock and asked if I could reproduce some of his thoughts on the Rugby World Cup, mainly because I think about rugby in a very similar way to him but also he actually has a better knowledge of the game than me. ( Keeping Stock is also a political blogger on the sensible right and a Christian, he is a man I respect and that might surprise some of my Friendburst readership on the right ).

Keeping Stock has been largely focused on pool play and starts with pool A

  • Canada
  • France
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Tonga

  • " Who advances from this pool will be largely dependant upon two matches; New Zealand versus France on 24 September in Auckland, and France versus Tonga at Wellington on 1 October. 

    The New Zealand vs France match assumes huge importance in terms of the overall tournament. The team that qualifies the highest from this pool will have an easier path through to the money rounds. Tho pool winner will face likely either Scotland or Argentina in the quarter-finals whereas the pool runner-up will very likely face England. 

    Thus the France vs New Zealand match will be an early test of both teams' mettle. We understand that this match is already a sellout, and just two weeks into the tournament, it should be an absolute ripper of a game. " 

    Some very astute observations. I agree with his next point totally.

    " France on the other hand are the enigmas of world rugby. They can be awful one day, and brilliant the next. We hope that they don't have one of those days that only the French can have when the play New Zealand. And if they lose to New Zealand, don't rule out the possibility of Tonga beating them in the final pool match, especially if they have had a hard physical contest with the All Blacks; c'est La France! 

    Japan and Canada will try hard, but it's unrealistic to expect that either of them will threaten the front-running teams. But their participation is welcome, and they will bring their own style and kaupapa to this global event. "

    ( The French )

    The  French are just bloody schizophrenic in rugby. On form they should qualify  second behind New Zealand but if they have a blinder then it will be us qualifying second, this can't be ruled out the French have sent us ( New Zealand  ) home twice in previous World Cups. With regard to Tonga well they arrived on Monday in New Zealand and bloody hell the number of Tongan Supporters heading to the airport to welcome them caused massive traffic jams in Auckland. I was caught up in it  when heading home, I would not be surprised to see Tonga beat the French if they are hammered by us. Canada and Japan are just making up the numbers but the idea of the World Cup is to use the  money it generates to develop the sport globally.

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