Friday, September 30, 2011

It is death for me.. It is death for me ... It is life for me....It is life for me

The words from Ka Mate  haka,  translated to English. In the title are words that the administrators of this site might want to think about. I am the left wing guy deleted again by you  but for no reason I can see other than I used this quotation from Pablo at Kiwipolitico

" Better yet, with its economy hollowed out and its military stretched across the globe fighting to preserve a status quo increasingly under siege, perhaps it would be wise for the US public to drop the blinders and reflect on the fact that it many ways the US is starting to look like the USSR in the 1980s–a military power increasingly left without the economic or political foundation to regulate the international system rather than simply clinging on to a role it once had, and which may never be again (remembering that the difference between a superpower and a great power is that the former intervenes in the international system (often using war as a systems regulator) in order to defend systemic interests, while the latter intervenes in the international system in order to defend national interests). "

I guess a guy calling it as he see's it in the South Pacific is a major worry for the USA and hence my deletion but please Friendburst stop the  bloody hypocrisy

" Hello IHStewart, 

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Subject: This weeks Caption Contest

I so hope you love this PIC *smiling*


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What the fuck ? You  kick me from the site because you hate free speech and the have the audacity to send me not only that but more emails.

I realise you are a Republican site I will respect your right wing bias and accept that you don't want my perspective but for the sake of all that is bloody fair in this world  get the fuck out of my life. Stop emailing me or prove that you understand the world is a lot bigger than America

I was astonished you removed my post and profile

" IHstewart:
That is downright weird! It is one thing to engage in escapism, as grey ghost mentions. But denial of reality and deletion of entire post on what is a supposedly open forum demonstrates a serious sense of insecurity.
Problem for the fearful is that deleting your post does not remove the obvious facts stated in it."

So was Pablo. 

Have you the courage to let this profile live ? This post to stand ?

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