Friday, September 16, 2011

Here come the men in black

Just watched the All Blacks demolition  if the Cherry Blosoms ( Yup people that is the name of the Japanese team ) on what has been a particularly bad day for me, a flood last night after some plumbing failure and now I have carpets up and an industrial  dehumidifier and air blowers  drying things out. So I guess the All Blacks kiling of Japan was good but the Japanese never gave up and actually scored a try, we won 83 - 7 .

The Cherry Blossems are coached by All Black  great John Kirwin

Today they might have gone down but they did more they played attacking rugby, and against the All Blacks that will not get you home, both the Scottish and Irish have gone down this road and abandond it, instead reverting to the awful northern hemisphere boring defensive rugby. The score does not reflect the match the Japanese gave us a genuine hit out they might well scare a few teams.

The All Blacks, mixed feelings  they will improve though and hell I hope this works

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We have it covered.

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