Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Never trust a lesbian blogger

Hey Val did you notice this .

This is just total yuck stuff. The Guardian reports

" A second supposedly leading lesbian blogger was exposed as a man masquerading as a gay woman, a day after the Gay Girl in Damascus blog was revealed to be the fictional creation of a married male student from Edinburgh.
Paula Brooks, who claimed to be the executive editor of a US-based lesbian site LezGetReal.com, told the Washington Post that "she", too, was a man – in this case, a 58-year-old retired construction worker from Ohio called Bill Graber. "
Why would you do it ? It is in my opinion a despicable deception, back at My Space I was also friends with Catwoman who along with Val is another great lesbian blogger. I seriously thought about sending friend requests to both of them but concluded that as a left wing, heterosexual and white Kiwi male I had more in common with them than than most of the right wing heterosexual, homophobic fascists that populated MySpace.
" Amina often "flirted" with Brooks, the paper said – with neither man apparently realising that the other was also a man pretending to be a lesbian."
Now why doesn't that surprise me
Melanie Nathan, an LGBT and human rights advocate who was a partner in LezGetReal.com and had also been taken in by Graber, told the Guardian of her feelings of betrayal.
"I left the site because I believed that Amina 'the Gay Girl from Damascus' was not authentic," said Nathan. "
There are fools on Friendburst who think that World.B.Free and I are the same person presumably on the grounds that our political and religious views are similar ( note to fools, look at our writing unlike me Tami is literate ). My point is I could not credibly pretend to be a Black man in Britain any more than Tami could pretend to be a White man in New Zealand.

"The whole gay community of bloggers is freaking out right now because everyone in some shape or form has encountered Paula Brooks. It has had a severe impact on the trust among the web of bloggers who are interconnected and work with each other.
"In my opinion, what Graber has done, to be a straight man calling himself a lesbian, is tantamount to impersonating an entire community."
Linda LaVictoire, a contributor at LezGetReal.com who writes as Linda Carbonelli, told the Washington Post: "I was completely taken in. I have been completely taken in for three years." 
I doubt Val and Catwoman are freaking out. They probably like me are just disgusted at what would seem little more than an attempt at weird sexual self gratification by some very disturbed people.

Hat-tip Dim-Post

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