Friday, June 24, 2011

We Fucked Up

Hey welcome  we are  100% pure, actually it wouldn't piss me off so much if we managed to be 100%  sensible

"The emperor penguin taken from Peka Peka beach is to undergo surgery tomorrow, with zoo staff giving it a 50 per cent chance of recovery.
'Happy Feet' was earlier taken to Wellington Zoo in a chilled box from the Kapiti Coast after the penguin's behaviour changed markedly in the last few days.
Veterinary staff at the zoo said the bird was dehydrated and was suffering from heat exhaustion"

For fucks sake  he fucking swam here from  the Antarctic,  it is quite a trip and we  clean Green New Zealand  just ignored him for  5 days. Today our  government  moved and we looked after our friend from the the deep  south  and  we are  thinking that  the fools who dealed with this from  the Govt.  Dept. might want to think again. He is dead, I will tell you about it. Yeah he was a mate 

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  1. When he is dead.

    Actually I might have been a little pesimistic.