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Todays international major non news story viewed from New Zealand

At 11.05 I came across the first version of this  30 bodies in a mass grave in Texas on the Stuff Website although it was reported like this, ( I have copied and used the original reports not the current ones that appear on websites of the news organisation quoted ).

" 11.05 Stuff LATEST:
Texas authorities have found up to 30 bodies, possibly all children, buried at a house in a rural county east of Houston, local media reported.
The Liberty County Sheriff's Office said 25 to 30 bodies were found, according to KPRC television.
Preliminary reports indicated the bodies are those of children, the TV station reported.
The sheriff did not immediately return telephone calls or e-mails by Reuters.
Investigators said someone told them about the location, but they did not elaborate, the station said.
Local paper Cleveland Advocate said the tipster told authorities dozens of dismembered bodies were buried at the scene."

I reacted by checking the New Zealand Herald website at this point 11.07 it was being covered like this,
11.07 NZ Herald

Federal agents and sheriff's deputies plan to search a rural house in Southeast Texas after receiving a tip that multiple dismembered bodies are buried there.
Spokesman Rex Evans of the Sheriff's Department said the office had received an anonymous report that there were bodies in the home.
Deputies went to the house and determined that a search warrant was required.
The Houston Chronicle is reporting the tip-off came from a psychic.
Shortly before 6pm local time (11am NZST), Liberty County sheriff's spokesman Rex Evans told the Chronicle that officers had not exhumed any bodies.
"At this time we have not recovered any bodies," he said.
"We only received information of a possible crime scene here at this location. Upon our arrival we determined that there was a need for a search warrant. Once that warrant arrives at the scene we will further our investigation."
At this point I was starting to think WTF  a psychic came up with this tip and followed the link above to Houston Chronicle.

"Source: Psychic tips to mass grave


June 7, 2011, 6:16PM

Liberty County sheriff's officials Tuesday afternoon said they found blood at a rural residence that a tipster said was the burial site of 25 to 30 dismembered bodies.
A state law enforcement source later Tuesday afternoon told the Houston Chronicle that deputies had been directed to the site by a psychic.
"All we know is the sheriff department received a call about a mass grave, or something like that, with several bodies," the source said. "They went and checked it, and there was nothing there. The caller went back and said, 'No, you went to the wrong house.'
"They go back out and go to the house and see something dark that could have been blood, and do a persumpting test that it was human blood."
A neighbor said authorities were congregating at the home of Joe Bankson.
Bankson, reached in Dallas where he was travelling with his wife, said he did not know why police might be at his home.
Bankson and his wife are long-haul truckers who said they were en route to Georgia. They left Sunday, he said.
They have lived at the residence for three years, he said.
"I haven't killed anybody," he said. "And I have a lot of friends, but I haven't helped anybody bury any bodies."
Shortly before 6 p.m., Liberty County sheriff's spokesman Rex Evans said officers had not exhumed any bodies.
"At this time we have not recovered any bodies," he said. "We only received information of a possible crime scene here at this location. Upon our arrival we determined that there was a need for a search warrant. Once that warrant arrives at the scene we will further our investigation."
The Cleveland Advocate reported the house is near the intersection of County Roads 2048 and 2049.
The Cleveland newspaper said authorities were told that as many as 30 bodies, possibly belonging to children, were buried at the intersection of the roads between Hull and Hardin.
A cadaver dog has been brought to the scene to aid in the search.
The newspaper quoted authorities as saying residents of the nearby residence — the object of the search warrant — were “uncooperative.”
The Beaumont FBI office has been asked to assist in the investigation.

Now as you can imagine I am starting to get skeptical so I follow the link above to the Cleveland Chronical

"Cleveland Chronical

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2011 5:09 pm | Updated: 6:22 pm, Tue Jun 7, 2011.
By VANESA BRASHIER vbrashier@hcnonline.com and Staff Reports | 0 comments
"Acting on a macabre tip in regard to a possible mass grave of 25-30 dismembered bodies, perhaps belonging to children, the Liberty County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, June 7, closed down CR 2048 at CR 2049 in Hardin. The Houston Chronicle is reporting a a source told The Chronicle a psychic made the initial call leading authorities to the location.
The department received the tip that on Tuesday afternoon, which immediately led deputies to a home on CR 2048, said department Public Information Officer Capt. Rex Evans.
Authorities are seeking a search warrant in order to search the home, where some of the individuals involved have been "uncooperative" so far, Evans said.
Meanwhile, a cadaver dog has been deployed to search the property.
More information will be provided upon its availability."
The Cleveland Chronical actually added very little but gave  me a second source on  Capt. Rex Evans but at this stage the only real info I have is that a psychic has made an allegation and Joe Bankson and his wife who are long haul truckers have denied killing, dismembering and interring 30 people. Interesting that Capt. Evens noted that the individuals involved were being uncooperative, good on you Joe if some one ( a fucking psychic no less ) made such a fucking stupid allegation about me I would be very uncooperative.

At this stage I decided to have a look at the Otago Daily Timesf a paper I worked for for many years

"Psychic's tip sparks search for mass grave in Texas

A county judge says an anonymous tip saying multiple bodies are buried at a southeast Texas farmhouse came from a person claiming to be a psychic.
Liberty County Judge Craig McNair said the sheriff's office received a call on Tuesday from a person who said many bodies were at the house about 110km northeast of Houston. McNair says the caller claimed some of the bodies were dismembered and some children.
McNair says deputies who visited the property found nothing amiss during a quick search. The tipster called back later and said deputies had looked in the wrong place.
McNair says deputies who returned later found blood on a back door and detected a foul odour coming from the house. They were waiting for a search warrant to investiagte further.
According to some media reports, the Liberty County Sheriff's Office said 25 to 30 bodies had been found, and preliminary reports had indicated the bodies were those of children. "

I would have to say that this was a bit of a fail from the ODT and if I was running the News Room I would be losing my rag at this point.
As I started with stuff I will end with Stuff

"No bodies found in Texas home after psychic 


Last updated 13:42 08/06/2011

LATEST: A sheriff's official says no bodies have been found at a Texas farmhouse where a person claiming to be a psychic told officials multiple bodies were buried.
Liberty County Sheriff's Captain Rex Evans says there is no indication of bodies being anywhere on the rural property about 120 kilometres northeast of Houston.
Officials say the sheriff's office had received two calls from a person who said dismembered bodies would be found.
Evans says authorities took the tip seriously in part because the caller had details about the interior of the house that only someone who had seen it could have known.
He says authorities now have a name and number for the caller and are working to track them down."

This is fucking awful Journalism. It took me less than 3 minutes to discount this as a bullshit story. It took 3 of the foremost news outlets in New Zealand to reach the same conclusion. Other outlets took a lot longer yahooxtra news was reporting  the bodies being found as late as 3.20 NZ.

What actually does this mean ? Well it means our day has come and main street media hate us but we the blogosphere are the future. I was informed about Bin Ladens demise more than 2 hours before it was made public ( I can prove that ) by a blog.

"All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand enemies. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you; digger, listener, runner, Prince with the swift warning. Be cunning, and full of tricks, and your people will never be destroyed."

"..digger, listener, runner..."  We are the future it is time for us to consider I think how we as bloggers will claim that future. 

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