Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am guessing he is a broke wanker.

krafi2008: I missed so much was thinking about you all day
i want some pussy
will you show me
i love big boobs big fan
how big is yours
we should have sex you and me
exoticbeutyx: oh yes hunny wil do
krafi2008: i would bang you so hard nice and soft
exoticbeutyx: cant wait to slide ur hard dick on my wet n hairy pussy
krafi2008: we should fuck
exoticbeutyx: wana eat ur cock till it shrinks
oh yes hunny
krafi2008: can you do that to me
exoticbeutyx: u mkng me so horny bb
krafi2008: i m so hard right now it's brown and big
exoticbeutyx: can we go pvt n fuck ryt now bb
krafi2008: are you sure
exoticbeutyx: mmmm ready for my
cuntkrafi2008: baby it wouldn't let me go on pvt
it says payment wont process
we should fuck now cause i do see you
exoticbeutyx: oh no huny
krafi2008: yes baby
exoticbeutyx: i want u bb plizput credit hunny
krafi2008: lets fuck now cause i see you

exoticbeutyx: can wait to indulge my self in ur brown n hard cock

( Now that is an interesting statement )

krafi2008: you try making me horny i'll do what you do
exoticbeutyx: but bb i cant fuck when im dressed i cn only fuck naked i wana b naked so u can see my pussy clearly
krafi2008: get un dressed i can see everything of you
i m looking at you
exoticbeutyx: i cant b undressed on frr chat ill b fined bb n loose my site
n ill never get to fuck with u again
krafi2008: i got my hard cock out from my shorts right now i m so hrd
oh babe......

I am not taking a moral position but as all readers of this blog ( on friendburst ) know I have a friend who is a cam girl. Sort of explains power arrangements .  

Hat Tip....  Ah not for this one.

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