Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's official, thanks Australia....

What a bloody plonker. This is  a Palin moment only Palin didn't actually say it. Hell no it was the leader of the Australian opposition, Tony Abbott.Australian Opposition leader.

" Tony Abbott yesterday declared New Zealand back in the three-nation ANZUS alliance - defunct since New Zealand's nuclear bans almost two decades ago.
Despite the fact that New Zealand officially remains a "friend" of the United States rather than an ally, that military exercises between the two nations require special permission, and that other restrictions apply, Mr Abbott congratulated Prime Minister John Key for rebuilding the cold war pact. "
What an idiot no doubt his next declaration will be he can see New Zealand when he looks out the window, ( Oh by the way Max it is low tide on Saturday night might wade across the Tasman for a Fosters if you are up for it ). Actually New Zealand Military exercises with the US requires presidential sign off. New Zealand / Australia exercises probably involve a directive to the New Zealand head of defence from the Australian head of defence. 

" Anzus was once again a fully functioning alliance, he said, and with combined operations in East Timor and elsewhere, "we are once more Anzac brothers-in-arms".
Mr Key later said he was happy with present arrangements with the US and had no plans to try to restore the alliance. "
Could someone, anyone, please explain to Abbott that ANZUS and ANZAC are totally different. ANZUS is about a dead defence treaty and ANZAC well it is why Australia can ask and expect any asset we have, it is why would could ask and get any asset Australia had when Chirstchurch  bit us.
" Mr Abbott said Mr Key was to be congratulated for watering down Labour's greenhouse emissions trading scheme, and said a Coalition Government would rescind Ms Gillard's scheme if it became law. "
What a fucking fool, to be honest the Australian Right look as fucked as the New Zealand Left at a leadership level. He goes on to talk about sister parties  Consevative / Labour or Labor if you are in Australia. That is not how Trans Tasman politics work.
Tony  mate the US doesn't want us,  they might accept us if you demanded it mate  but you need to win an election, then you have to deal with the slight problem we don't want the US.
"Mr Key later said he was happy with present arrangements with the US and had no plans to try to restore the alliance. "
Tony Abbott is a fucking muppet.

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