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DR Congo: M23 and Rwanda still don't see it and it is still Frances fault

Congo DRC News reports

                                                                                       Ntarugera Deo Koya

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
The inescapable imperative for responsible members of the world community of nations to jointly check France’s and the UN’s erratic behavior and recurrent penchant for criminality in D.R. Congo and Rwanda.
The UN and France's criminality ? Can you explain the mass graves ? Talk about hypocrisy. 
" In Kibumba, the army discovered two mass graves, North Kivu Governor Julien Paluku told AP. The army has been ordered not to touch the graves so that they can be investigated by the government and the United Nations peacekeeping mission to Congo."

On behalf of Rufari International, I have the honor to recall to your diligent attention that the UN mission known and referred to as MONUC/MONUSCO, spanning 14 years as of now, has been a bogus force of 20 000 officers and men astutely wreaking havoc in D R Congo and Rwanda. Raping young girls in what very much looks like sex tourism enjoyed by officers and men splashing a lot of cheaply earned money. Which money is international taxpayers’ money including Congo’s and Rwanda’s hard earned foreign exchange: that is one. Two: trading Congolese mineral resources is common practice. Three and worst of all: fabricating and broadcasting terribly abrasive criminal allegations leveled against the Rwandan government to disrupt relations between the governments and peoples of Rwanda and Congo.
Point 1) That is a revolting allegation. Just this week we were reminded of the price that we the world require of the men and women serving in the UN forces and MONUSCO specifically.
According to the statement, the attacks occurred as the UN Organization Stabilization Mission (MONUSCO) supported action being carried out by Congolese Government Forces (FARDC) to protect civilians on the Kiwanja-Rutshuru axis, 25 kilometres north of Goma, which the main city in the vast country's eastern region.
“The Secretary-General offers his sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the victim, and to the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania,” the statement says."
Point 2) Trading in Congolese minerals without a licence issued by the Kinshasa authorities is illegal, I have no doubt M23 would use the same justification to rationalise the rapes they have committed in the DR Congo.
Point 3) The evidence against Rwanda is comprehensive, well documented and for the record how on earth is it " worst of all " ? Rwanda is a nation run by a administration that has lied for so long it has forgotten how to tell the truth.

World leaders and strategists must seriously take note that the glaringly heinous and outrageously criminal fact of the so-called recurrent leaks of UN reports leveling baseless accusations at the Government of Rwanda every now and again, in a crystal-clear bid to antagonize Rwanda and D R Congo, has now become an intolerable mass destruction and political destabilization lever.
Despite this being in English I will translate. Rwanda has been caught lying, caught destabilising the DR Congo. Nobody believes a word Rwanda says including their close ally the US so much so the US has cancelled military contributions to the junta in Kigali.

The UN has so often been erratic in its pursuit of its mission to ensure peace and security in the world, causing massive death and desolation across the world in general, in Rwanda and DR Congo in particular. The Carlsson Report published a decade ago clearly indicated the criminal role the UN played in the staging and the commission of genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Had the UN duly assumed full responsibility, said genocide of Rwandan Tutsi folks would never had had a chance to erupt and wipe off a million Rwandan folks.
There is no doubt the UN has made mistakes, so much so it was determined not to make yet another in the Congo, the great tragedy of this is the Rwanda has learned nothing from the genocide, " Those who will not learn from history are destined to repeat it ", as the saying goes, thus it has been in the DR Congo and it is Rwanda who are responsible.
It is now high time to have the UN inveterate penchant for complacent criminality checked. The UN has most decidedly become an abiding mortal danger for the peoples of Rwanda and Congo and for global humanity at large. The realm of dangerous absurdity in international laws’ execution based on treacherous international politicking, pervasive and complacent criminal negligence alongside the sacrosanct impunity of the UN must end.
If anyone can figure out what that rant is about feel free to leave a translation in the comments, I think the guy is off his rocker.
Looking at the UN security council’s recent prescript for the UN belligerence in eastern d r Congo, against one party to a civil war, the March 23 Movement (M23), it is glaringly clear that the very essence of international law is being purposely disrupted, and norms of international relations perverted, to suit hidden agenda of France and some other treacherous members of the faceless and inattentive international community.
It takes a lot for a Kiwi to feel sorry for France but I must say I am starting to think they are getting an unjustifiably hard time. Let us remember the Intervention Brigade concept grew out of a meeting of the ICGLR ( International Conference Great Lakes Region ) and was put forward by Rwanda and Uganda under the Africa Brigade monicker. The ICGLR loved the idea and then decided that the Brigade would be more effective as part of MONUSCO much to Rwanda's horror, how fucking ironic is that. Rwanda was given enough rope and promptly hung themselves.    
 " A neutral international force will be set up to hunt down armed groups in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), regional leaders agreed yesterday.
The Heads of State and Government summit of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) held in Kampala from August 7-8 established a subcommittee composed of defence ministers from seven member states tasked to provide details on the operationalization of the force.
The subcommittee was mandated to propose “urgent actionable steps to ensure that fighting stops completely to allow for consolidation of peace, security and stability,” reads part of a statement issued at the end of the two-day summit."
This is from the ICGLR meeting as reported in New Times Rwanda. Did the fool who wrote this shit forget ? Rwanda can't even tell the truth about it's own role in this, mind you own goals are often embarrassing, I wonder who will get shot for this miscalculation ? 
The Congolese M23 Rebellion was lured into pulling out of Goma in November 2012 by the ICGLR, a section of the international community. They were in return offered by the UN and the international community to engage peace talks with the Kabila government in Kampala. 
While the peace talks were underway, international political and diplomatic circles started referring to M23 as a terrorist group, a negative force at par with the FDLR. International conspiracies started twisting international law, using the UN machinery, to thwart the M23 and the Kampala negotiations. They eventually came up with something that is unprecedented in the history of modern international law, namely the violation of the principle of neutrality of the United Nations Organization. The UN was granted permission to militarily engage the M23 Rebellion, while the M23 delegation was negotiating with the Congolese government. This was a major set back that has entailed untold suffering, desolation and death for thousands of eastern Congolese families, alongside gross violations of human rights.
The fools can't see their own hand in their own destruction. It would be funny if the price in ruined lives, deaths, rapes wasn't so high but even one rape one death is a price that the Congo should never have had to pay for Rwandan adventurism, Rwandan genocide and Kagame's delusions.  
On different occasions, through the last three decades, serious proposals/resolutions (unexecuted to date) were tabled and examined in high political and diplomatic forums, as to overhauling and reshaping the UN structures, extending UN Security Council permanent seats to yet another few countries, Germany, Japan, Nigeria? Egypt? South Africa?, to top up the existing ones so as to balance chances to enhance global peace and security endeavors.
Next he will be demanding that Rwanda ( who currently have an African seat on the UN Security Council ) be granted permanent membership. That a bunch of criminals like M23 dare to talk about global peace should have the ICC issuing indictments.
We therefore reckon that responsible leaders of the world concert of nations must together engage in tracking the sum of wrongdoings (omissions and commissions) of France and the UNO in the African great lakes region through decades: ONUC/MINUAR/MONUC/MONUSCO with a due sense of legal scrutiny and political wholesomeness. This must be understood as inescapable imperative.
On behalf of Rufari International, I avail this opportunity to anticipate our gratitude for your attention and diligence and reiterate to Your Excellencies, the assurance of our highest consideration.
Ntarugera Deo Koya
Political, diplomatic affairs and Communication Consultant
Director, Rufari International –Kigali office
Ntarugera Deo Koya, Just fuck off.

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