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Rwanda: Kagame just doesn't get it.

New Vision ( Uganda ) Reports

Kagame slams US sanctions over child soldiers

                                                  President Paul Kagame repeated denials of covert support for the M23. 

KIGALI - Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Friday angrily condemned a US decision to impose sanctions against his country for allegedly backing rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo who recruit child soldiers.

Kagame said the decision would only play into the hands of other rebels made up of remnants of Hutu extremists who carried out the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Really. That is desperation talk. Stopping his proxies recruiting child soldiers benefits the FDLR how ? I guess under Kagame logic it means that there is a greater pool of children available to be recruited  kidnapped  by the FDLR or some other equally batshit crazy idea.

"It benefits those enemies of our country who seek to destroy what we are trying to build," Kagame said in a speech to parliament.

Calm down  President Kagame the US isn't planning to support the FDLR nor is the UN they remain on the list for eradication by the MONUSCO Intervention ( African ) Brigade.

The United Nations accuses Rwanda of backing the M23 rebels in neighbouring eastern DR Congo, a charge the country has adamantly denied.

On Thursday, Washington said it was invoking the 2008 Child Soldiers Protection Act to end US financial and military assistance to Rwanda.

The Rwandan problem here is two fold the first being that Kagame and company have lied for so long about their support for the vicious murderous bastards that are M23 that they have started to believe that the world has swallowed the fiction that is now their reality. The second problem Rwanda faces is it has been comprehensively outmaneuvered by Uganda an erstwhile supporter of M23. Uganda has managed to downplay its less than spotless record in intervention in the eastern DR Congo and left Rwanda to advance their common foreign policy   agenda. More importantly Uganda correctly read the utter stupidity of the Kagame administration, Kagame is mystified his denials are being ignored that his country has become branded as a rogue state whilst Uganda has supplanted Rwanda as the US principal ally in the Great Lakes Region. 

But Kagame said the sanctions "benefit the people that throw grenades here in Kigali and killed our children", referring to recent attacks in the capital carried out in the run-up to parliamentary elections last month.

"They don't care about our children," he said, lashing out at "those murderers who live in the DRC (and) in South Africa" -- a reference to exiled Hutu extremists linked to the 1994 genocide as well as other opponents.

Well it is a fairly safe bet that the FDLR clowns don't give a toss about Rwandan children it might surprise the killers of Kigali to know that the rest of the world cares deeply about Rwandan kids, as indeed the world cares deeply about the kids living in the eastern DR Congo, that is why the World authorised the Intervention ( Africa ) Brigade to kill not only the M23 clowns he sponsors in the Congo who have been happily murdering and raping children in between recruiting kidnapping them to get killed for Kagame's wet dream of political control of the eastern DR Congo but also to deal with the FDLR and the numerous other armed groups. 

The M23 rebel group was founded by former Tutsi rebels who were incorporated into the Congolese army under a 2009 peace deal but who turned their guns on their former comrades in 2012.

Kagame's government, also dominated by Tutsis, is accused of backing the rebels as part of a proxy war against Hutu rebels in the DRC and to seek influence in the country's mineral-rich eastern Kivu region.

Kagame repeated denials of covert support for the M23, and described the sanctions as an "insult".

He is correct in so far it is an insult and a very calculated one. The amount of money involved is relatively insignificant. Jason Stearns at Congo Siasa blogs.

This decision is symbolic, as it will probably only affect around $500,000 in training programs for the Rwandan army, but is nonetheless important. It can probably be interpreted as the first official indication in months––the UN Group of Experts report in July suggested that Rwandan support had declined––that members of the international community feel that Rwandan support to the M23 continues.

"I don't understand why Rwanda is treated... with such injustice," he said. "Rwanda is going to be judged and held accountable for the mistakes made by others."

Rwanda is just starting to realise the extent of their miscalculation but as per usual they continue to lie. 

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