Friday, October 18, 2013

DR Congo: Those of us not about to die salute you M23. The Batshit crazy Dr Ntarugera Deo Koya

Letter to M23 Armed wing

                                                General Makenga Sultani the Military leader of M23 in USA Uniform 2

Dearest all in m23 armed wing : gen sultani makenga, col vianney kazarama alongside all the high command officeering staff, officers senior and junior, non commissioned officers, corporals and men:
On behalf of Rufari International, I the undersigned have the honor and privilege to commend and congratulate you, most sincerely and wholeheartedly, for your unexcelled military valor, your un-congolese heightened sense of honor and dignity, your abiding resilience and determination to steer the de-humanized and disenfranchised d r congolese peoples across lethal and turbulent high seas towards soon to be reached harbors of freedom, peace, security and prosperity.

I really don't know quite what to make of "... unexcelled military valour... " I am guessing that this is translated but buggered if I know by who.

"..your un-congolese heightened sense of honor and dignity,.." again it is just too bizarre to figure out, is it an admission that M23 are Rwandans or is it representative of the contempt that M23 hold for the people of the eastern DR Congo, make no mistake the killers of M23 have demonstrated time and time again that as far as they are concerned the citizens of the Congo are there to support the criminal enterprises that they are engaged in. with regard to the "..lethal and turbulent high seas.." I can think of better metaphors to use in what is essentially a landlocked country with a small corridor to sea on the other side of the African Continent, that said the most likely drowning victims are M23. 

The gallant m23 rebellion has inspired a new sense of hope to the otherwise doomed congolese un-citizenlike folks of the jungles, the plateaus high and low, townships and cities.

This guy really hates the Congolese. The irony is that he has no idea just how much they hate him.
peace is now close at hand, and the whole world is acclaiming the m23 for all the good works nonobstant national and international treacherous and derogatory outcries meant to attract crucifixion of m23 for sins committed in d r congo through centuries of unreserved and exponentially accumulated terror and graft, inhuman de-politicization and disenfranchisement of erstwhile brave and free african nations thay were ruthlessly brought together and coerced into a fake and deleterious congolese polity and nationality.

Well the world is sort of " acclaiming " M23, the world has been delighted by the military humiliations that both FARDC and the world through MONUSCO and the International ( Africa ) Brigade who represent the world. Even more interesting is the assertion,
 "...thay ( sic ) were ruthlessly brought together and coerced into a fake and deleterious congolese polity and nationality." 
In other words the denied M23 objective of the balkanisation of the DR Congo. M23 want the eastern Congo to become either part of Rwanda or a client state of Rwanda. That the fools have publicly admitted it should come as no surprise, this is an organisation in its death throes and it would seem anything goes no matter how bizarre . 
in the name of all that is holy, let all and sundry together as one give congo a chance to be, be and be; else let it go to the winds whence it descended on a certain fateful day of the year 1876.

I have absolutely no idea what he is on about 1876 is the year Stanley went and had a look for Livingston in the Congo so I guess one might measure it as the beginning of European / Congolese contact although that actually doesn't really hold any water. As for the  give congo a chance to be, be and be; else let it go to the winds ...". I suspect the " good " doctor is off his rocker.
Once again congratulations, ladies and gentlemen
Dr Ntarugera Deo Koya

I am guessing this is meant to be an inspirational message to the troops, but it seems more like a dirge, if I was part of M23 I would be seriously questioning the sanity of the political leadership and looking for an opportunity to defect and try and get out of this mess alive.
p/o : lucie divova, directress general, rufari international
kgl: 2013 10 16
to joseph kabila and his cronies national and international,
we may address these words handily picked from some worthy englishman: “portents and prodigies of all sorts have become so frequent that they have lost their name”: john dryden

Batshit crazy.

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