Friday, October 4, 2013

DR Congo: M23 are losing the plot. More Batshit Crazy.

Congo DRC News reports ( As I have said before this is an M23 affiliated site and not to be taken seriously from a news perspective, this however is pure comedy gold it has been translated from French by Google Translate. )

Congo: M23 Warns the Kinshasa government

                                                                                     A white helicopter

Official Communiqué No. 058/M23/2013
Branch of the Movement of March 23 to the attention of the public as follows:
And the public are interested in this because ?
01. This Tuesday, October 1, 2013, two helicopters painted white colors and marked A flew at very low altitude, our space for more than three hours from the southern town of KIBUMBA through those RUGARI, Bukima, Runyoni, Ntamugenga TONGO to come out;

M23 delusions of sovereignty seem to be holding on.   ".. and marked A " ?

02. This Wednesday, October 2, 2013, another helicopter carrying the same information redid the flies of our space in the same conditions of altitude and time except that, unlike those of the previous day, it flew over the city of Bunagana;
That is a bit of a worry a white helicopter flew over a city as well as flew over some towns. I think that all helicopters in the DR Congo should stop flying and find a less offensive means of going about their business.
03. After checking with the upper echelons of MONUSCO, it turned out that these armed helicopters do not belong to the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for its part, denies having made such flights in our space at the times indicated;
"...these armed helicopters..."  That must be what the A stands for. Good to see the the UN Mission sharing such information as its forces dispositions with an enemy force such as M23. Shit are M23 really that stupid ?
04. It is therefore a camouflage under the label UN enemies gear to deceive the attention of our Army to ensure coverage of military reconnaissance, including surprise attacks.
Or it could just be the UN getting some some tactical information for the intervention Brigade so they can continue their mission of destroying armed groups murdering innocents in the DR Congo or maybe that " big A " we talked about earlier could stand for Army. FARDC the guys you have been fighting. Their job is also to kill you. 
As a result, management of our Movement warns those responsible for acts of provocation. They are therefore warned that in case of recurrence, clear and unequivocal instruction are those of our army to ensure the immediate destruction and without warning of these deadly weapons.
So you are going to fire on the helicopters because they are white have an A on them and might not belong to the UN.
Made Bunagana, October 2, 2013
The Head of the Department of Communication and Media
Comrade Amani Kabasha
What a bunch of morons.

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