Friday, October 25, 2013

DR Congo: Allegations fly as well.

New Times ( Rwanda ) reports

DRC bomb injures one in Rubavu

Goma ( DR Congo ) / Gisenyi ( Rwanda )

One person was injured after bomb shells from the Democratic Republic of Congo landed into the Rwandan territory in Rubavu District yesterday.

Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita, the Defence and Military spokesman confirmed the incident, saying three bombs were fired into Rwanda territory.

The New Times propaganda machine seems to have swung into action fairly quickly, this is an unconfirmed report as Reuters makes clear in its reporting from Goma ( I will blog about it in a separate post, suffice it to say fighting has broken out again between M32 and FARDC )  that said at this stage FARDC ( Congolese Army ) can't be ruled out.

He blamed it on DRC army - the FARDC – because the shelling was from the territory they control.

“FARDC has since morning fired three bombs and small arms fire at Rusura village, Rubavu District. A T-55 Bomb landed at 07.30h and two other bombs landed at 11.55h and 12.05h at Rusura village, Busasamana Sector,” said Gen Nzabamwita.

On the bombing front M23 the Rwandan proxy " military " force have in the past shelled Rwanda and it is certainly in their interests to do so now however batshit crazy that sounds. I would not be in the least bit surprised that if M23 have shelled Rwanda they have done so on instructions from Kigali. Rwanda has a huge military buildup along their border with the DR Congo and I would think that the FARDC leadership would be very cognisant of that.   

The small arms fire left 58-year old Catherine Gahombo injured and was rushed to Bugeshi Health Centre. Gahombo is a Congolese refugee living in Rwanda.

You can't have it both ways, either Catherine Gahombo was injured by shelling or small arms fire, they are substantially different. 

“FARDC targeted innocent civilians in Rwanda, and fleeing Congolese refugees,” said Nzabamwita.

If they did they are batshit crazy, the problem for me is that I doubt that they would be that stupid. The Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism ( EJVM ) needs to investigate, the last incident of this type was eventually attributed to M23.   

" The United Nations Security Council Thursday also called for an investigation by the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism, a regional oversight team, into the source of recent shelling.

The Congolese Army blamed M23 rebels for Thursday’s incident, which Rwanda said killed a woman in the town of Rubavu."

Kigali says FARDC, backed the FDLR militia blamed for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda has fired about 40 bombs and rockets into Rwanda over the last three months.

I doubt this, the stakes are just too high for FARDC to get involved in such stupidity and the units that are engaging in the eastern DR Congo are meant to be the best available. Supporting the FDLR, who I suspect will be the next to have the honour of death at the hands of the MONUSCO International ( African ) Brigade / FARDC coalition would play into Rwanda's hands who have very legitimate security concerns about those genocidal bastards. 

In August, Louise Mushikiwabo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Government spokesperson warned that Rwanda “remained restrained for as long as we can but this provocation can no longer be tolerated.”

I have a very low opinion of Louise Mushikiwabo, but I acknowledge her as one of the consummate liars of the Kigali regime.

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