Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DR Congo. M23 learning from Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf ( Comical Ali or Baghdad Bob )

Congo DRC News provides some more drivel ( This is an M23 affiliated site and as such it specialises in drivel ). The original piece is in French but with the assistance of Goggle Translate I have attempted to clean it up. Any TRANSLATION mistakes are mine. 

            The helpless Kabila 
by Marius Kisombe

                                                                                               Joseph Kabila

It is always wise to learn from ones own mistakes and those of others.
unfortunately  does not seem to be the opinion of the man in whom the Congolese have entrusted their destiny. Even their "national dialogue" process failed to move Kabila and his majority to a more responsible and objective view of the situation in the country.
I assume by the country the M23 fools mean the eastern DR Congo. I am no fan of Kabila but I share the view that advocates M23 should be disarmed and its leadership brought to justice for the indiscriminate rape and killings they have inflicted on the people of the eastern DR Congo.

While the UN is the true architect of the fictitious victory they boast over the M23 rebels, the rebels realized that military victory is not possible or appropriate solution to the crisis,  Kabila and his government as well as civil society in their pay continue to advocate war and make a show of reconcilation. 
That would be the fictitious victory that saw the M23 rebels routed and forced to retreat. The New York Times reports.
" Government troops occupied strategic hills overlooking the eastern city of Goma on Friday after rebel fighters withdrew. The development was the government’s most significant military success in a year. Congolese troops have been buoyed by the intervention of a new United Nations brigade fighting alongside them to drive back the rebels, known as the M23. The rebels said they had left the hills voluntarily to permit an independent investigation into shelling that killed civilians in Goma and the town of Gisenyi, across the border in Rwanda. But the Congolese Army disagreed. “They did not leave by choice — they were confronted with the power of the army,” said Lt. Col. Olivier Hamuli, a spokesman for Congo’s armed forces."
As for a military victory not being possible well on this M23 are correct it is not possible for M23 to win there only sensible option is unconditional surrender. I also agree that the Congolese government are doing little more than going through the motions with regard to the reconciliation peace talks in Kampala, I just happen to think that the Government are fools for even attending. They should have pressed home their attack and killed off M23 rather than giving them breathing space to regroup. A military victory is still very much a possibility for the Congolese armed forces and MONUSCO.

Neither the exorbitant number of soldiers killed on the front or the humanitarian disaster resulting from the resumption of the war seem to divert Kabila and majority off the suicidal path on which they are committed. 
But the lesson, the United Nations have certainly drawn from the mistake they made ​​to engage in the war on the side of regime that is hated and incompetent. There is no doubt that the United Nations would never set up this famous brigade if they had known that it would fight instead of FARDC or if they were aware of the determination of the M23 to defend themselves and defend the cause of his fight to the end.
I have seen estimates on the M23 casualties that suggest between 100 to 200 rebels killed as for FARDC and MONUSCO casualties the exorbitant number is 11. The civilians all died at the hands of M23.
" The latest fighting, which began last Wednesday, has so far claimed the lives of one UN peacekeeper and at least 10 Congolese soldiers and 14 civilians. They  were killed by shelling on either side of the Congo-Rwanda border."
I am not at all sure what humanitarian disaster is being referred to maybe it is this one.
" GOMA — Residents of Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, are optimistic that the withdrawal of M23 rebels from positions outside the city could bring an end to fighting in the area. The situation is still volatile, as tensions with neighboring Rwanda remain high.

Days after the shelling stopped, the Virunga market in Goma is starting to shuffle back to life.

It’s Sunday - a typically slow day - but many of the shops here are open. Women are folding colorful fabrics, and customers are walking through rows of used blue jeans hanging from wooden posts."

As for the Intervention ( Africa ) Brigade fighting instead of FARDC well M23 should have been aware that the FARDC forces they are facing this time are a little different from the incompetent fools who went before them. Jason Stearns of the Congo Siasa blog explains.   

" In addition, the army is now giving more prominence to the commando battalions, the 321 and 322 trained by the Belgians (a third is currently being trained in Kindu), the 391 trained by the Americans, and one by the Chinese (on the northern front line in Tongo). During the operations last year, these battalions had been mismanaged by the military hierarchy, which dismantled them, sent them to areas where there was little to do, and "sabotaged them by sending them into battle without supplies or knowledge of the terrain," according to one Belgian trainer." 

After the clashes against the M23 where they recognize that they have lost fifty-nine men in their ranks and a lot of resources, the United Nations is better than Kabila, at including the facts.
Well not 59 but one Tanzanian soldier. When you are engaged in telling outrageous lies it would be wise not criticise Kabila for not having a clear grasp on the facts.

In the conflict in Kivu, there is the M23 which has serious reasons to fight.Given the poverty in which they live, the FARDC have never had the morale to fight. And less still for those who were lucky to get away alive from the recent fighting and those who have had access to real casualty figures.
That is interesting. The Congolese army is providing M23 with the real actual casualty figures and deceiving the world and indeed their own people with false figures. Just how stupid do M23 think we are ? 
As the United Nations passed resolution 2098 on the basis of false information, and plunged  into the heart of a conflict they do not understand. But now they have realized that Kabila wants war and it is for them to fight in his place and kill Congolese whose legitimate claims are recognized by all and who want a dialogue to resolve the crisis. Convinced by the seriousness of the claims of M23 and its commitment to a negotiated solution. The United Nations finds that supporting Kabila, they support war, violence, cruelty and a breach of commitments ... In short, as the guarantor organization of world peace, their position is unsustainable.
Well no. The UN had the correct information, I would think after all the time MONUSCO has been deployed the UN has a fairly good understanding of what they face hence Resolution 2098, that authorises them to kill M23 and other armed groups. I think Kabila would accept an M23 unconditional surrender but M23's pay master Kagame ( President of Rwanda ) will not, so you ( M23 ) are going to die for Rwandan imperial ambitions.
"...violence, cruelty and a breach of commitments "  not to mention rape, murder, recruitment  kidnapping of children, stealing etc, it is an accurate description of M23.

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