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DR Congo: M23 seem to think that there will be negotiations ?

 Congo DRC News reports  fabricates. ( This is translated from French by Google Translate and I have tried to clean it up, all translation mistakes are mine. )

DRC: What serve the presence of a military force over negotiations in Kampala?

El Memey Muranga /
Bukima (North Kivu) - The M23 is now "almost finished militarily." This is the early conclusion of the chief UN mission in the DRC. Martin Kobler didn't dare give the destination taken by the army of M23 which keeps intact all its troops and equipment. This triumphalist version of events last is far from reality M23 spokesman Colonel Vianney Kazarama assured VirungaNews. 

Kobler is of course correct M23 are finished militarily and Colonel Vianney Kazarama is a fool, who will be best remembered for his death threats against journalists.   
Is this not the ultimate time to capitalize on the withdrawal by attacking the FDLR which still remains the leading cause of insecurity in the Kivus? The officer continued.

The FDLR are on the Security Council's agenda. The credibility of the Congolese Government is on the line and the world is watching. I have no doubt that the FDLR will be the next group of murderous thugs to feel the consequences of their behaviour by the Intervention Brigade and the Congolese army.
These Rwandan genocidal FDLR forces continue to fight alongside MONUSCO, and are allied to the government army. In Rumangabo there are many residents who fear retaliation.

I have seen nothing to back this claim, it is inconceivable that the Intervention Brigade and MONUSCO would countenance such an alliance and more to the point it would seem very likely that the FDLR are fully aware that they will be next and as such I would think they would be going to great lengths to avoid the FARDC / MONUSCO forces.

The Kiwanja plan for large-scale massacres to be blamed on M23  was quickly aborted much to the chagrin of the coalition.  MONUSCO was totally surprised by the systematic retreat from the positions occupied by the rebel Movement for over a year.

Yes. The only problem with this idiotic theory is that the only wide scale massacres that were ever on the cards was that of the M23 members by the local population, hence their flight.

Disillusioned by Kinshasa, Governor Julien Paluku organized a masquerade of two mass graves filled with corpses in Kibumba to mislead international opinion with false accusations of serious violations. This discovery was made in record time and it never had happened. Many FARDC soldiers were distressed by the use of the bodies of their colleagues for staging macabre spectacle aimed at tarnishing M23. Some activists promoting peaceful coexistence between communities are wonder why the provincial executive is not taking the same energy to denounce the ethnic cleansing of the now depopulated hills in Masisi a move made without the knowledge of UN mission and its leadership.

This is almost to pathetic to comment on. Have M23 never heard of forensic science. these graves will be investigate by the UN and then we will learn the truth although we already know it and that is that M23 tolerate no opposition from civilians and have murdered those who opposed them. 
Unhealthy game Kobler
Addressing the Security Council by videoconference, Kobler was satisfied by the MONUSCO intervention in Kiwanja rather than coexisted peacefully with the M23 as he himself described it. The pretext to intervene to protect the population contrasts with summary executions of those targeted under the noses of UN forces in Kiwanja and Rutshuru centers since the FARDC and its proxy forces entered these two towns.

Again a stupid claim about summary executions that will not be substantiated. Why on earth would MONUSCO co-exist with M23 when they have as part of the Intervention Brigades mandate to neutralise M23. This is pathetic stuff, but even worse I have no idea who it is aimed at and I suspect neither does the author.
Some are angry because Kobler bears responsibility for the death of Tanzanian peacekeeper and many peaceful citizens including children. And as if that was not enough, MONUSCO continues to provide support to the FARDC even as M23 voluntarily retreats.

Kobler is responsible for M23 killing a member of the forces he oversees whilst those who killed the peacekeeper M23 bear no responsibility. Kobler bears responsible for the peacekeepers, no doubt about that. Responsibility and blame are quite different. M23 is to blame it is they who should be held to account.
Just yesterday FARDC recorded two losses: one on the slopes of the hills in Bukima Rumangabo, and another on the road Matebe Bunagana. Kobler is however only whether this behavior go away war coalition facilitate both parties to the conflict to return to Kampala to negotiate an agreement that can bring lasting peace.

I can't make any sense of this paragraph.
The primary task of MONUSCO should now be the need to protect the most vulnerable, displaced by war, but also to facilitate the return of refugees are in neighboring countries. Unfortunately she is currently helping to drive a wedge between communities. 
This is not so surprising when you consider that measure Kobler obeys Herve Ladsous (DPKO) United Nations (a veteran of Rwanda 94 folder) does not hide his hatred against a part of the Congolese people who have Nilotic features. ( Tutsi )
The clear intention to continue the M23 in its entrenchment and killings continue in the so-called "liberated" by the Coalition FARDC-FDLR-MONUSCO territories does nothing to further talks in Kampala. Especially now that the M23 is "almost finished militarily," said Martin Kobler.

And not much more of these.

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