Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Uganda: Cardinal sin and carnal desires

New Vision ( Uganda ) reports

Outlaw prostitution - Cardinal Wamala

By Paul Kiwuuwa   
Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala has expressed worry over Government failure outlaw prostitution.

 “People no longer care about their lives. They behave as if HIV does no longer exist. They are just money minded, yet prostitution spreads HIV virus,” Wamala said.

Actually unsafe sex spreads the HIV virus. Prostitution per-say has very little to do with the spread of HIV. Legalisation of prostitution makes it far easier to control from a public health perspective. In Uganda it would seem it is currently not  illegal but not legalised  ( something that surprised me )  In many ways that is the worst senario. Legalising it would allow resourses to be targeted towards prostitutes just simple stuff like free condoms and sex education on the risks associated with working in the sex industry and how to mitigate those risks.    

“It is a shame that when one goes to streets of major towns in Uganda, young children are indulging in prostitution; what the Government is doing about it.” Wamala added.

Agreed. It is terrible to think that children are participating in the sex industry but legalisation of the industry allows for regulation. Uganda seems to waste resources interfering in its citizens bedrooms with pointless legislation whilst avoiding opportunities to make changes that will have a positive effect for the nations future. 

His remarks follow a recent Uganda HIV/AIDS report which indicated that the HIV/ADIS prevalence rate shot up from 6.4% in 2005 to 7.3% as of September last year.

That is a worrying trend and outlawing prostitution will have the opposite effect  the Cardinal desires. Outlawing prostitution will infact just drive the industry underground. Why is it that Uganda persists in believing that if you pass a law then you will resolve a situation ? Many western nations have tried these " solutions " they failed miserably why will the result be different in Uganda or for that matter anywhere in the world.

This trend was attributed to promiscuity, where more people are having multiple sex partners.

So why blame prostitution ? Uganda wake up, people have sex I hate to break this to you but banning prostitution, killing gays as well as having a stupid age of legal consent is doing nothing but criminalising your people. 

In his Christmas sermon at St Peter’s Catholic Church Nsambya a city suburb, Wamala also expressed fear over increasing cases of abortion.

He criticized some parents who neglect their role of nurturing their children, which has contributed to the moral decay and family breakdown.

The Cardinal is concerned that many parents leave their children under the care of house maids without proper nurturing. “It is good to work but spare some time for your children,” the prelate advised.

The Cardinal needs to get out and smell the roses.

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