Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Uganda: A brave new world.

The Daily Monitor ( Uganda ) reports

Woman gets 7 years for defiling 16-year-old boy

                                         Sarah Nekesa (R) talks to a prison wardress.

The mood was dull with very few people at the magistrate’s court in Entebbe. And at about 10:30am, Sarah Nekesa, 30, was led to the courtroom while covering her face with a veil shying away from journalists who were taking pictures.

That suggests that this is an issue of indifference to Ugandans I hope when the severity of the sentence sinks in that some in the community realise that a grave injustice has been done to Sarah Nekesa.

Chief Magistrate Joyce Kavuma called Nekesa to read out her sentence. Prosecution requested the magistrate to give Nekesa a deterring punishment. “She has children to look after but she needs to be given a deterring sentence not to do it again,” Entebbe Resident State Attorney Cate Basuuta said.

Chief Magistrate Joyce Kavuma clearly has no understanding of the psychology and physiology of  16 year old males.  State Attorney Cate Basuuta clearly couldn't give a shit about the rights of children she had the ability to bring about a rational outcome to this situation and chose not to. I would have expected that with both a female prosecuter and judge they might have performed better but it would seem that Sarah might well have been better to have been judged by men who would recognise on the facts as presented to date clearly indicate no crime of any consequence has occured here.

The defendant’s lawyer, Ivan Ssekyanzi, however, said since the suspect is a is a first-time offender who is remorseful, she should be given a lenient sentence.

I have pointed out it is a fucking stupid law, it limits freedom and sexual expression until 18 years of age. Most of the world would be criminalised by this law if it was applied to adolescents. Sarah Nekesa is a political prisoner, unjust and stupid laws are not the hallmark of a society that is moving forward and embracing the modern world. When will Uganda realise the state has no place in the bedroom when the situation involves people able to give informed consent ? 

Ms Kavuma in her sentence said: “You are a first offender and haven’t wasted court’s time by pleading guilty. We know you have children to look after but you should have played a parental role to protect vulnerable children. “Defilement attracts a maximum punishment of life imprisonment and to consider your plight, court sentences you to seven years imprisonment but you have right to appeal”.

How the fuck did Ms Kavuma a woman clearly lacking in any compassion or understanding of the human condition, rise to the rank of Chief Magistrate ?
" I can imagine myself on my death-bed, spent utterly with lust to touch the next world, like a boy asking for his first kiss from a woman." Aleister Crowley

For some time, Nekesa stood in the dock, not believing what the magistrate had said before tears started rolling down her face. According to the charge sheet, Nekesa committed the offence on October 15 in Mutungo Village, Makindye Sabagabo Sub-county in Wakiso District.

If we are to judge people by their contribution to society this case illustrates clearly that Sarah Neskesa has contributed more and been a far less destructive force on Ugandan society than Chief Magistrate Joyce Kavuma and State Attorney Cate Basuuta. The transition from adolescent male to adult is not an easy one.

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