Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and the expat Congolese Conspiracy

The expat Congolese conspiracy ( NZ ) started as suspicion on my part but there was nothing tangible I had no empirical evidence, I couldn't weigh the problem as I had no bathroom scales but other disturbing indications were present.

My jeans seemed tighter around the waist my belt is one and sometimes two notches further out than usual. More recently I have had to unbutton the waist button on my jeans.

This clearly can't be put down to seasonal factors such as Christmas. There is something far deeper at play.

To all my readers and it would seem that about 250 to 300 of you manage to get here daily, thanks for taking the time to call by. This blog leans on other bloggers for support, ideas and inspiration I will thank you all separately before the curtain comes down on 2012.

To all of you have a happy safe Christmas and if you get a moment over the festive season please spare a thought for Louise Baseme.

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