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The General is dead

From Mutaani
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Anger, compassion and pride. Difficult to describe the feeling of a Congolese lambda, the announcement of the assassination on December 24, General Alphonse Bikweto, commander of the training center of Kota-koli in the province of Equator. Shot on a street in Kinshasa by unidentified armed men, this officer was tipped to Staff of ground forces to organize an offensive against the rebel M23 raging in North Kivu.This murder raises concerns after the speech of President Kabila, December 15, before the assembled parliamentarians in Congress which placed the country's defense priority. How to achieve this goal if for technicians and instructors tempering generals like Bikweto, Budja Mabe Mahele and etc.. disappear without it clarifies the causes of their deaths?No, there is not that bad leaders among the officers of the Congolese army (FARDC). General Bikweto embodied the exception. His studies demonstrated: after its formation in the United States in the ranks of special forces (Rangers) of the U.S. Army, he served as an instructor in various training center in the country.Back to factsMonday, December 24. Jamaica neighborhood in the town Kintambo. It is 21 hours. General Bikweto is walk. It is the common neighbor Bandalugwa. He is walking without an escort. He usually has four. That day, the Staff has sent a bodyguard. 100 meters from his residence on Avenue Bompette, he made a stop in front of a shop / café. In front of him, an electric cabin and money changers. The area is in the dark. Handymen trying to restore the current. General observes, sitting on a plastic chair.Suddenly, three people arise and try to extort money from traders, in front of the officer. Normally, the General responds interpelant the thugs "Hey you there, come here! ". Refusal to comply. One of them replied: "Who are you?". The officer will not end explained before one of them so his gun and shoots right over the general. A bullet in the right leg and a second in the chest. General Bikweto falls to the ground. The assassins approach the body, searching and retrieving his gun and biometric card military officer. Too late for the sole bodyguard committed to his residence to intervene a few meters away. It still surprises the assassins on the scene. They exchange shots. One of them will be affected, but soon his companions - in fact, they were more than three because the other out of their hiding places - returned to his aid to help him up by drawing gunfire to prevent to the inhabitants out of their homes. The general died of his injuries 22 hours.The demons of "Rwandophonie"General deceased being from North Kivu and Rutchuru territory, given the political context across the Democratic Republic of the Congo, everyone has their own ideas about the reasons for the crime. The media also. Some have speculated a planned assassination of a political execution. According to relatives of the deceased general interviewed by RFI "The assassination would seek execution-Congolese Hutu leaders to discredit the government by accusing Congolese to hunt all Rwandans." In his paper of the day, RFI correspondent fall: "This strategy should enable a balkanization of the DRC, through the creation of a province that does not live Hutu and Tutsi".The general was he speaking Kinyarwanda? False. Born in Lubumbashi January 26, 1948 at Camp Massart Major - Camp Vangu now - his father, Sergeant Ferdinand Bikweti is from the province of North Kivu, a group of Busanza, chiefdom Bwisha and Rutshuru. The group is backed Busanza Uganda. The language spoken is Kisanza, a variant of Kihutu spoken in Uganda.Worthy son to serve his countryThe assassination of General Alphonse Bikweto is not read from the perspective of a military officer of the "East" killed "the West." It would be a false reading and easy shortcut to divide the country useless. Present as a Congolese "Kinyarwanda expression" by the short time that is neither more nor less give weapons to rebels besieging M23 for over nine months the village of the victim. It is also strengthening the argument that the soldiers from this corner of the republic would be insecure and therefore, impossible for them to leave the East to find work elsewhere. Present as illustrated disappeared would imply also that he was in cahoots with M23 when in reality it is not. This misrepresentation of the late General could cover their tracks and tarnish the image of this worthy son of the country who worked under the Congolese flag for nearly forty six years.Unlike M23 rebels who refuse to leave North Kivu, fearing for their safety in the West, General Bikweto is a model in this regard: He worked bravely across the Congo except in his own province and has never been a reason for the rebellion and goodwill.Or sponsored heinous crime?One thing is certain: If the crime is heinous, is that the general was, that night, at the wrong time and the wrong place. If, for cons, it is sponsored, the crime could be the work of some senior members of the Congolese army, the enemies of the nation who do not want to hear about the change in the chain of command is the DRC. A closer look at the curriculum vitae of the deceased general, there were the officers of this caliber dto carry out the assault to liberate the territory of Rutshuru in rebel hands. Such appointment, if it were to - do you never know! - Could create jealousy within the Congolese military hierarchy. General Bikweto has trained many current generals and colonels of the army which followed the normal curriculum. Jealous would be in the ranks of the incompetent, the military top brass without extensive studies required.Ultimately, it is now up to the military justice system do its work in carrying out its investigations to inform national and international opinion on this crime. This is it let us know if you are facing a heinous crime or sponsored by whom?We firmly believe that farde of these investigations into the assassination of General will not arise on batteries other folders initiations before them.Share Email

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