Monday, December 31, 2012

DR Congo: The General is dead continued

Some thoughts on my last post " The General is dead "  which was no more than a translation via Google Translate on a news story from Mutaani .

The two English language versions of events when I goggled the Generals name are my translation post appearing from this blog and a further one on syndication to All Africa blogs which is a repeat of my post. So much for easy triangulation.

Congo Independent offers confirmation with three theories, again translated from French. 

The first is crime resulting in death and somewhat bizarrely concluding accidental death. I am guessing that is a translation problem. Shooting a guy in the abdomen strikes me as murder. I guess they mean that there is no political significance to the killing.

The second theory is murder. The General was taken down deliberately by  Congolese nationalists on the grounds that he was a Tutsi officer and his loyalty was to the rebels ( M23 ). He is apparently an outspoken officer and critical of incompetence, he also may be associated with a plot to assassinate President Kabila and has fallen victim of an internal power play. ( I hope like hell this is a total failure of Bing translate )

The third theory seems to enter the realms of fantasy. The General in this version is a Rwandan officer infiltrated into the Congolese army and eliminated by the Congolese resistance. Again in this version the General is a Tutsi.

Put simply the second and third theories seem utterly ridiculous. The  Mutaani report clearly states that the General had served in the Congolese army for 46 years. The French version seems to suggest that the General is in fact of Hutu ethnicity.

That the second and third theories seem so outlandish does not of course rule out political motivations for the killing. Why does a general considered valuable enough to warrant four bodyguards have none ?

Mutaani calls on the military justice system to solve the crime, that  is  would be hilarious if a man wasn't dead. If this was a political crime then General Alphonse Bikweto family will see no justice, on the other hand if it was a robbery gone wrong I guess there is hope.

Either way it would seem FARDC have lost one of the very few competent officers they had and the DR Congo have lost a servant the Nation can ill afford to lose.


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