Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Graduating in the nude

The ODT reports

Graduation au naturel barely raises an eyebrow

Elena Berg appears to have brushed up on clothing etiquette when it comes to dressing for University of Otago graduations.

The 25-year-old walked across the Regent Theatre stage yesterday where she graduated with a BA and DipGrad (endorsed in music) wearing nothing but body paint, her mortar board, a graduation gown and a smile.

Lets hope it develops into an Otago tradition.

Miss Berg said she had been wanting to wear body paint at a public function since she saw the Air New Zealand advertisements in which the airline's staff wear nothing but a painted-on uniform.
The singer-songwriter in the Dunedin band Girl on Girl Action (GOGA) plans to shoot a music video for the band, also wearing body paint.

Actually that is probably a conservative move if this is anything to go by.
                  THE ACTION (if required):

''We thought it would be a really good tester to see how many people noticed.
''It was about testing people's perceptions - trying to get them to open their eyes a bit.''
I have watched more than my share of bands in Dunedin and I don't recall anything quite as undressed.
Surprisingly, she said few people noticed her attire - or lack of it.
''Not as many people noticed as you would think. Most of those who did notice, noticed my feet first.
''No-one said a thing at the graduation. Even my Mum said you wouldn't notice if you didn't look hard enough.''
Trust me I would have noticed.
She was comfortable in her outfit, until the paint started to flake off following the graduation.
''I was going `oh no', because I wanted it to be something that wasn't vulgar.
''So when it started to flake off, I decided it was time to pull the plug.
That could make dinner at the restaurant rather awkward. 
''I wanted to keep it PG rated.''
It was certainly a graduation to remember, she said.
I wonder what the AO version would be like.


  1. Talk about a cheap beat-up. Anybody can see she's wearing knickers, but your journalistic juices got fired up enough to claim otherwise. Shame on you - the story would have held up just as well if you hadn't worked extra hard to push the patently false "nothing but body paint" claim.

    1. General speaking I ignore or delete stupid comments but you might want to distinguish between my comments and those of the article writer from the Otago Daily Times.

      I have tried to make it easy for you the article is in italics and in not only a different font but also a different colour.

      Now why don't you try remedial comprehension. Again.

  2. nothing but a bunch of sluts