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Obama wins and the NZ blogosphere reacts

Scott Yorke like me is left of centre and is not above sinking the verbal boot something that always gets my admiration if it done well. Scott is an artist.  His crafted congratulations strike at the heart of our ineptness. 

Scott at Imperatorfish 

How About It, Mr Obama?

Dear Mr Obama,

If you're doing nothing much at the end of your four year presidential term, would you mind popping over here and sorting us out?

I'm no immigration law expert, but I'm sure we could organise some kind of citizenship fast-track, allowing you to stand in the 2017 election. We'll change the law if we need to. You'd have my vote, not because you have achieved wonderful things policy-wise (you haven't: your lack of action on important issues like climate change is a disappointment), but because you appear to be able to inspire people in a way few other politicians can.

You are a gifted orator, unlike anyone in politics here. You appear to have imagination, energy and vision, unlike our current leader, who appears content to simply manage our faltering economy. You won't embarrass us in front of the rest of the world, you won't insult football stars, and you won't try to be one of the boys by making lame jokes that nobody older than fourteen finds funny.

You'll find us a lot easier to govern, too. We have plenty of mediocrities in our parliament, but not too many utter nutjobs, and we're really not big on religion or guns.

You'll probably have to tone the rhetoric down a little, but even your worst speech would be a whole lot better than anything a Key or a Shearer could ever deliver.

So what do you say? Have a think about it. Talk to Michelle and the kids (did I mention we have a world class education system too?) and let me know what you decide. Any time tomorrow is fine.

I know you'll do the right thing!

Barnsley Bill is centre right. It might surprise some but with the exception of blogger Adolf, No Minister is one of New Zealand's better blogs in my opinion. Usually I find myself in agreement with much of the content.

Barnsley Bill at No Minister

Wish upon a star

It really does not matter that you might really really really want something.

I have looked on with bemusement over the last couple of years at posts here about Obama.

I have cringed with embarrassment at the Black Ass Jackass posts and comments.

Obama won.
He was always going to win.
And with the demographic in the USA getting browner by the day he will not be the last non anglo POTUS in my lifetime.

The USA is a  failed state. It was on that course prior to Obama and he has done nothing to arrest its slide.

We could argue until even that complete twat Judge Holden gets tired of baiting authors about why it became a failed state but it will not alter the ultimate conclusion which is the end of the Anglo-Saxon epoch worldwide.

Romney is no less a douche bag than Obama but they are both less evil than the Bush family who in turn were less evil than the Clintons who in turn are less evil than those fucking Kennedy thieves.

So we might actually be moving towards presidents that are better than those that came before them but it is too late.

Adolf, please find something else to be angry about.

( My link, trust me I have no time for Adolf )

Kiwi Politico's Pablo is an American and the blog is center with a small deviation to the left. Pablo is one of the most insightful bloggers in New Zealand.

Pablo at Kiwi Politico ( Pre Results )

Interpreting the conservative take on the US elections.

datePosted on 15:50, November 6th, 2012 by Pablo
If I read the conservative commentariat correctly with regard to tomorrow’s US elections, the following will happen:
Obama wins: As the fifth rider of the apocalypse, Obama will bring the end of days, armageddon, leading to the imposition of a debt-ridden, welfare-spending LBGT atheistic Islamofascist Zionist-Stalinist-Orwelian state in which children and the elderly are eaten after being vivisected and animals and dirt will have more rights than natural gas. The walls of the shining White house on the hill will crumble. Locusts will plague and fire will belch from the skies in non-industrial areas as the ground turns to dust and the rivers run dry. The seas will retreat and the icecaps will melt, but not due to man-made climate change. Female sports will become dominant.
Romney wins: Milk, honey, money and expensive Eau de Cologne will rain down upon the chosen debt producing and debt reducing Christian people and hedge fund managers, sunshine will spring eternal, a million flowers will bloom, all dole-bludging, illegal alien LBGT atheist Islamofascist Zionist-Stalinists will be rendered asunder by lightning strikes from the heavenly Father and world peace and prosperity will obtain in our time. White folk will become cool again. Soccer will be purged from the global landscape because it is un-American and does not involve teams with American Indian names, padding, helmets or blunt instruments and has a penchant for shorts that is second only to League in terms of questionability. White shirts and somber ties will once again be suitable apparel. Shoes will be tied. The help will know their place.

John was a bit of a revelation earlier this week. Right wing but not batshit crazy right wing 

John Stringer at  
The CoNZervative 

Romney Concedes 7pm

Mitt Romney has called Obama and congratulated him and conceded defeat.  It has been an extremely close race, but Obama has won by a nose.  The popular vote is 50-50%.  I am disappointed for Mitt Romney who has been a presidential, honourable and dignified candidate who did not rise to the personalized attacks on him and his family.  I believe he would have been a more apt and dignified president with a stronger ability to build an accord with the Democrats on the economy, than Obama can now achieve with Republicans after a hard ball and at times unpleasant campaign.
Congratulations to Barack Obama on his win.  I was wrong, I picked it 5-8pts to Romney.
It will take some weeks to get the final results, but effectively America is as it was with a radically reduced vote for Obama’s vision, but voters have given’ four more years’ to Obama but he is on notice with only 50% of the American vote.
I hope Obama gives a magnanimous and humble speech; I’m sure he will.

Ele takes a philosophical glance at governance, a smart move for a centre right blogger in the circumstances but I suspect that the most sensible blogger in New Zealand would probably  have done nothing different if yesterdays result was reversed.

Ele at Homepaddock 

If we were angels . . .

Quote of the day:

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions. – James Madison (1788)

Madison was the fourth president of the USA.
Hat tip: The Visible Hand in Economics.

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