Middle Earth Trophy Hunting

Privately owned, Middle Earth is available for your party's own exclusive use during your hunting trip. Bow or sword, we welcome all hunters, regardless of fitness and we do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction.

Middle Earth is renowned for the finest Hobbits in the world and priding ourselves on quality, The Shire is no exception. Trophies range from representative to the top of the record books. Took's and Brandybuck's can be hunted from late March until early August with April/May being the best time.

Dwarves are unique because of their  distinctive body colouring. They can be black, red and white, pure white and generally have white on brown spotting. They can be hunted from March until August.

One of Middle Earth's most prestigious big game creatures. They live at high altitude in the Middle Earth Misty Mountains. As well as their impressive claws, dragons also have a long thick scales which makes for a great full mount. Dragons can be hunted from the end of April until the end of July.

Elves have brilliant eye sight which makes them difficult to hunt although they can be hunted all year round. Elves are normally hunted in conjunction with Dragons.

Trolls are hunted in the same areas as Hobbit and Dwarves. Middle Earth trolls are generally thicker in the beam than Kiwiblog trolls. Trophy's range from representative to top record book. They can be hunted from dusk until early dawn.

Most hunters take these as an extra trophy with their browny/black skins they make a wonderful wall mount and can be hunted all year round.

We have a number of excellent trophy wizards roaming Middle Earth. They also come in a unique range of colours and can be hunted all year round.
Bow Hunting
Bow hunters are very welcome at Bree Valley. Many take advantage of the "one ring to rule  the party at a time" practice as this ensures undisturbed hunting within Middle Earth, thus giving you the best chance to successfully secure one of the many quality trophy creatures available.
Other Activities
For those who do not wish to participate in the hunting, Middle Earth fits comfortably in with many 100% pure attractions which have gained Middle Earth it's reputation.
If you wish, we can organise alternative activities for those not wishing to take part in hunting, such as river rafting ( Mirkwood style ), which are complemented by many tranquil pastimes such as tasting the world renowned Middle Earth wines.